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Man Lift USA Stands Ready to Fulfill Explosion Proof (EX) Rated Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Requirements

As new Explosion Proof (EX) rated Material Handling Equipment (MHE) requirements and regulations become more stringent across military and commercial sectors, Man Lift USA stands ready to fulfill needs of end users and program offices for EX compliant MHE.

Man Lift USA designs and manufactures specialty aerial access and material handling solutions. We have been providing lift and access equipment for the most unique, hazardous, and challenging environments since 2000.

Our material handling equipment is designed to boost productivity and ensure safety in demanding work environments. We offer a range of products such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, material lifts, and mobile cranes to develop tailor-made solutions for your facilities, aircraft, ship, or rocket construction and maintenance.

Our flagship products are our EX rated articulating boom and scissor lifts. However, we also offer several other electric, electrically insulated, Track-Driven, and more traditional MHE solutions for customers in addition to our EX rated line of products.

Man Lift USA’s equipment is recognized as the gold standard and utilized extensively across the aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, and construction industries in addition to aircraft maintenance, facilities maintenance, painting, fuel cell work, or any environment where explosion hazards may exist. Our EX rated lifts meet and exceed safety requirements working in and around enclosed spaces, ordinance, paint vapors, or volatile fuels and chemicals.

Our lifts have longer run times between charging cycles than the competition and offer essential options such as aircraft protection kits, collision protection kits, omnidirectional steering, and vertical access platform accessories as well.

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  1. Willie B says:

    Everyday we get closer and closer to the Weyland-Yutani Power Loader….