TYR Tactical


See the new SOTECH LISS System (Light Infantry Suspension System). Developed with Army Special Forces Medics, Ranger Regiment, and the 25th Infantry Division. LISS recently completed the Army Expeditionary Warfare Experiment (AEWE) and is currently going through jump and field testing with the 82nd Airborne Division. Elements of the system have received NSNs and other elements are awaiting NSNs.

Entire Cobra line will be on display including the Field Aid Station, Prolonged Field Care, the new Jumpable Assault Cobra as well as the Mini and Micro Cobra packs. Other SOTECH medical staples will also be on display; MPMD Med Pack, RAMMP panels, Go Bags, Zoll Carrier and a plethora of IFAKs. Be sure to also take a look at the new “Golden Hour” Micro pack.

SOF Week May 6-10 Tampa, FL – Booth #4106

SOMA May 13-17 Raleigh, NC


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