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330D Revolution? Ha! Try 20D

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

At the OR Summer Market last August we took a look at a dizzying amount of fabrics. For us, only one or two really stuck out. One such fabric was from Cubic Tech Corp. Primarily they are sail cloth manufacturers and their product was used to bring the America’s Cup home to the USA. Non-woven flexible composites made from Cuben Fiber offer customizable ply orientations which afford directional stability and strength, as well as real rip-stop. A broad selection of films add the flexibility of an array of properties including toughness, low gas permeability, and visible & UV light protection. The material is intended to be glued rather than sewn and this could ultimately lead to stronger as well as lighter equipment.

Is the market ready for this yet? Not completely, but we hope that someone will take up the charge and try it out. Arc’teryx has already released a pack with welded seams on the commercial market and issue dry bags feature RF welded seams. At least initially we expect for such products to be for very specialized applications, but as the technology is refined perhaps one day everyone will carry equipment manufactured from ultra lightweight fabrics engineered specifically for the application.

Colored Cuben Fiber

They can even offer laminates in colors.

Check out Cubic Tech Corp for more info.