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Whiskey 5 – 3GUN4VETS

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

WHO: 3GUN4VETS … – Non Profit veteran run organization.

WHAT: 1yr anniversary fund raising match.

WHEN: 30 -31 July 2016 (SAT/SUN)

WHERE: Parma, ID (Parma Rod & Gun Club) Home of the MGM Ironman

WHY: The Organization is about one thing and one thing only. Getting our lost veterans back, whether it be an emotional loss or a physical loss. Our goal is to help get combat veterans upright again by introducing them to a hobby they can not only relate too, but a group they can belong too. We take the weapons once used for destruction and help turn them into tools of healing. Our support structure is made up of like minded people that genuinely care for one another. Our sport offers not only the mental and physical challenges many of our vets are use too, but the camaraderie many have left behind or lost.

The 3G4V program is not designed to be a Band-Aid for veterans, but rather a life altering surgery. I know first hand the healing powers this sport has to offer because I too was once lost. Thinking I had no where to turn I let myself and my family suffer. This sport gave me back more then I ever could have asked for. This sport brought me back from a place I never wanted to be and a place I never thought I’d escape.

This isn’t a one time thing for us, we aren’t the organization that brings vets out for a weekend of fun just to check the block and say we did our part. This organization is about follow through. We are with our vets for the long run, they made a commitment to us, we owe them the same.