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Tactical Tailor & Tru-Spec Partner To Leave No Ranger Behind

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Tactical Tailor in partnership with Tru-Spec provided OCP uniforms to the Ranger Regiment for their 30th Anniversary Celebration in less than 72 hours. That’s impressive.

Tactical Tailor received a phone call from a PNW-based Ranger BN on Tuesday morning (30 SEP 14) shortly after we had run our first article stating that the 75th Ranger Regiment would be switching to OCP for garrison wear on the Regiment’s 30th (Battalion’s 40th) anniversary celebrated 3 OCT 14. The unit was in urgent need of duty uniform quality OCP’s as everything they had been issued in the past has been used as “field/deployment” uniforms.

Tactical Tailor immediately reached out to Kurt Wendling of Atlanco. Kurt determined that Tru-Spec had enough stock on hand to support the Ranger’s short fuse request.

The Tactical Tailor SOCOM sales manager and Tactical Tailor purchasing manager worked through the night of the 30th scrubbing the size manifest by name and quantity required in order to have all the pieces in place so that Kurt and his team could immediately pull and package the uniforms for shipment on 1 OCT 14.

Tru-Spec had the required uniforms on the ground and in the Rangers hands prior to 1200 PST on 2 OCT 14, leaving plenty of time to get parade ready for the 30th Anniversary celebration on 3 OCT 14. Tactical Tailor and Tru-Spec accomplished their mission. No Rangers were left behind and everyone was in the proper uniform, although apparently, not every OCP uniform worn by the Rangers on Friday was an FR ACU.

MultiCam Black Branding Imagery from Tru-Spec

Monday, November 25th, 2013


Tru-Spec‘s parent company, Atlanco is running this banner of their exclusive roll out of Crye Precision‘s new MultiCam Black pattern.