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Softshell Tech – Burly Double Weave

Friday, May 11th, 2012

In this third of four articles on softshell fabrics used by Arc’teryx LEAF in their garments, we will be covering Burly Double Weave.

The Arc’teryx workbook (kind of a catalog for retailers) describes the fabric as, “Breathable, weather- shedding Burly Double Weave works as high output outerwear or cold climate mid layer. The weight and slight loft of the double weave traps some air and provides some insulation and bulk.” It’s well named. Notice the term “double weave?” It’s two interlocking stretch weaves; a smooth, weather shedding face and a polyester moisture wicking liner weave, brushed for comfort next to the skin.

Burly Double Weave falls in the ‘soft shell’ category for apparel but is used extensively in many categories at Arc’teryx (Outdoor apparel, LEAF apparel, Outdoor harnesses and Gloves). Burly Double Weave features a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish and a fiber content of 50% nylon (face weave), 43% polyester (lining weave), and 7% spandex. Overall, it’s a robust fabric weighing 8oz/yd sq or 275g/m sq. Burly Double Weave is used in Crocodile, Urban Wolf, Rawhide (for gloves), and Black.

Consider Burly Double Weave a three-season (October-April) fabric. It’s just too hot for warm weather use, like any softshell. However, it features excellent breathability due to its construction so it’s great for high levels of physical activity. The inner, wicking weave just tags into the face weave every 10 warp yarns. Additionally, the face weave sheds snow well and is extremely durable. The two layers combined help out a bit with insulation during sedentary periods. The mechanical stretch associated with this fabric is very generous. When combined with the cut of the Drac Jacket and Pant, you may find yourself sizing down rather than up if you are on the edge. Additionally, the double weave construction will leave you feeling like it’s warmer than other softshell fabrics. Finally, one thing you are going to notice is price. It’s much less expensive than Tweave.

Look for Burly Double Weave in these LEAF products –
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