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Combat Training Aids Offering Loyalty Sale Exclusively to SSD Readers

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


Combat Training Aids and Soldier Systems Daily are partnering up to offer loyal SSD readers exclusive store-wide discounts on all current in-stock items. Readers, use code SSD15 at the CTA checkout page/cart to receive a 15% discount. As a show of appreciation from CTA and SSD, veterans and current military service members can use code SSD20 at the CTA checkout page/cart to receive a 20% discount. When entered, it’ll show up as a line item like so:

Discount 15


Discount 20

The discount applies to the entire order subtotal, not just single items. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of CTA’s extensive inventory of military grade training aids, proudly manufactured in the USA. They offer both blue guns and more realistic training weapons, with collapsible stocks, functioning sights, Picatinny rails, etc. Their inventory also includes Tactical Walls, Training Dummies, 3D Terrain Maps, and OPFOR Uniforms.

M4A4 w/ rails

The sale starts today, and runs through August 21th, 2013, so take advantage of the deals while you can.

It’s Like Legos for Grunts

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Yes, we realize these aren’t LEGO, that’s why we are calling them Legos and not LEGO. This story originated on Check it out. It’s not just about mammaries anymore.

Here’s something just about anyone will have fun playing with it. Whether you need to occasionally change the interior layout of a training area to meet different instructional objectives or you just want to have the coolest, most bad ass back yard fort in the whole neighborhood, Combat Training Aids’ TacBlox are gonna be just your speed.

Theoretically you could use it as a faster way to build a target mock-up to do rehearsals before a mission, assuming you had time. Certainly more lifelike than a chalk or tape outline in a parking log, if not as quick to throw down.

Now, granted, they’re going to be somewhat more expensive than your average box of Legos, but they will certainly allow for some serious flexibility when you’re designing a threat area for room-clearing drills (or a very realistic MilSim battle). Essentially, they’re lightweight urethane foam versions of the ubiquitous cinder block (of which you’ve seen endless thousands, if you spent any time at all in a MOUT village).

They have full blocks, half blocks, and block caps so you can put together whatever sort of wall you want. As the manufacturers say, “Many situational training facilities offer separate buildings or permanent concrete maize to provide situational training scenarios. Unlike fixed wall training centers, TACBLOXâ„¢ walls provide unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations, increasing the trainers’ effectiveness…”

Oh, and if that isn’t cool enough, you can shoot them a lot before they wear out, without any ricochet issues. According to CTA, individual TACBLOXâ„¢ can take thousands of rounds shot through it before sacrificing its structural integrity.

Guess what’s going on my Christmas list?

Combat Training Aids Catalog

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Combat Training Aids Catalog

M4 Training Weapon

Monday, September 5th, 2011

FInding a quality inert training rifle can be difficult. Combat Training Aids, LLC builds some quality stuff that not only replicates weight and size, but to a certain degree, function as well. They over mold a full length steel barrel with a real flash suppressor on the end so you can attach a sound suppressor. The dummy weapon also includes aluminum NATO STANAG 4694 Accessory Rails that are fully backward compatible with MIL STD 1913 rails, grabbers, and mounts. The M4-STANAG comes standard with a 5 position collapsible stock but can be manufactured with any available 1.185 in Mil Spec stock of your choice. They are available in a variety of colors.

Combat Training Aids

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

“Dummy” weapons are critical to effective training programs, particularly training that is fraught with risk to damage of equipment or self. One company that manufactures highly detailed dummy weapons and other training aids is Combat Training Aids, a disabled veteran owned company that was started up by three guys out of Toledo, Ohio. While there are many manufacturers of so-called “blue guns” or “rubber ducks”, these guys take it to another level. They manufacture their aids with Urethane and equipping them with actual weapons parts such as collapsible stocks, actual Trijicon sights, Picatinny rails, etc. They make anything from Grail Rocket launchers to M4s and Springfield rifles. The idea is to make training as realistic as possible while removing the dangers of destroying actual weapons.