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Defense Products

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Defense Products

When we recently visited Daniel Defense we learned about their sister company, Defense Products. They are an international defense outfitter and while they specialize in supporting allied SOF, are more than capable of completely outfitting a friendly foreign government with everything from small arms to C-130s. They represent Daniel Defense internationally, but also have access to any number or weapon systems based on customer requirements. In fact, think of them as a solutions provider. Defense Products sits down with the client and discusses requirements from a capabilities stand point and then, based on budget and any special circumstances, identifies the proper mix of material solutions to effect the desired solution.

Defense Products is very well versed in compliance with the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations and everything they do is with the approval of the US State Department. This is particularly important in the initial stages of requirements definition and Defense Products has a great track record of expediting the proper permissions to support the customer.

Visit Defense Products online for more information.