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Don Medine Leaves Safariland Group

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The Safariland Group issued this statement regarding TCI founder Don Medine:

Dear Valued Customer,

After 18 years of engineering and producing high quality communications headsets, founder of Tactical Command Industries, Don Medine has decided to pursue other interests and will be departing from The Safariland Group.
Don and his wife Patty built TCI from the ground up alongside a group of law enforcement professionals. Under Don’s leadership, TCI became a company adept at both small custom integration projects as well as large defense procurement opportunities. With a continued passion for TCI, Don decided to sell his company to The Safariland Group in October of 2013 and align TCI’s communications systems with our well-positioned tactical offerings. Since then, Don has been instrumental in integrating TCI’s business into our Communications Category.

With the foundation that Don and Patty have built for TCI we are confident in a successful future for our line of communication products.
We thank Don for his contributions to the industry and wish him well in his future endeavors.


Scott O’Brien

I’ve known Don a long time and wish him well in his next adventure.