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Warrior West Sneak Peek – Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The new Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries have never been shown in public before. These are 100% designed from the ground up by TCI as a next generation to replace their popular Liberator II & III headsets which were Modified-Commercial Off The Shelf systems. TCI started with the basic functionality of the two legacy headsets and set about to make them even better through improved materials, design and production. For example, although the two are virtually identical, the Liberator IV is designed for a single comm application, while the Liberator IV offers dual comms functionality.

This is the first tactical communications headset totally designed, built, and sourced in the USA. All of the design work was conducted by TCI using a blank slate. They did not adapt or copy any existing system. The headwear design is unique and all of the components are Made in USA. In fact, the injection molding is done at the same Safariland Group business where Safariland holsters are injection molded, and using the same materials and color palette. Currently the headsets will be offered in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Black but other colors are available with minimum order quantities. In fact, I fully expect o see production models in the new Medium Coyote Tan (MCT) recently specified by the US Army for weapon accessories. Aside from the molding, much of the production of the other components for these headsets is handled within Safariland.

Additionally, this is the first 3 mode headset on the market. What TCI means by this is that it operates using sound localization and compression, like many traditional headsets on the market today. However, one of the limiting factors for these headsets is constant high decibel/high frequency sound (back of a helicopter, on a patrol boat, in an MRAP). Compression electronics are useless and the passive sound attenuation of the muff is poor because it is small; designed to fit under tactical helmets. The Liberator IV/V add a second mode of active noise cancelation (ANC). This operates very much like the Bose or similar headsets you wear in aircraft, creating a counter wave that neutralizes the high level constant noise. Their third mode combines sound compression and ANC to provide complete hearing protection from impulse noise that happens to take place while in a constant high noise level environment (door gun on helicopter, mini-gun on patrol boat, or M2 on MRAP). This is accomplished by using two high speed modern digital signal processors, working independently or in tandem.

Like modern radios, the Liberator IV/V’s firmware is updateable. Any updates can be pushed via wireless firmware update, so there’s no need to replace the entire PCB and processor in order to modernize the headset. TCI has also incorporated higher quality speakers which leads to improved sound quality. The speakers are no longer flush mounted. Instead, there is a sound “port” or hollow space behind the speakers to provide better high, low, and mid-range acoustic response. This eliminates that “tinny” sound associated with some headsets.


TCI’s “Dual Fuel” system is pretty cool. The Liberator IV/V is equipped with a battery box that accepts either 2 AAA or 1 CR123 battery. Although performance is dependent upon what you have the headset doing, battery life is comparable to existing headsets while operating in the same mode.

There are two headset suspension options. There’s the traditional over the head comfort mount and unique modular universal mount which includes a helmet rail mount that attaches to the rear part of the rail. Adaptors for Team Wendy helmets are also available.

A lot of innovation went into the development of this headset. TCI has applied for patents covering certain specifications on the ANC hardware, wireless firmware update, dual fuel battery compartment, speaker configuration, and aspects of the universal headset suspension.

Because TCI controls 100% of the production, they tell me the Liberator IV and V will not cost any more than their legacy headsets, which keeps them on par with other manufactures in terms of price and features. TCI’s position is that they are offering a Ferrari at the same cost as everyone else’s Chevy.


The Liberator IV is a single comm headset and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator II was available in. The Liberator V is dual comm and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator III did. If you used a specialty variant of either of those headsets, they’ll be available with the new headsets as well. There will also be a Liberator HP which is a standalone (no comms) headset similar to the DEHP and like the DEHP could be converted to a Liberator IV or V.

The Liberator IV/V should be available by Summer. Final field trials with selected military and Federal LE end users will start in a couple of weeks. Based on feedback, TCI will make any last minute changes. I look forward to seeing how these run in the field.


Warrior West – TCI 

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The new TCI R4 PTT can be seen to the right of this photo.  It replaces the older R3 across the board and is not only more compact, but more waterproof as well. This is due to some CAD work and a new tongue and groove fitting on the rear cover. Additionally, it is available in Black as well as Flat Dark Earth. 

SHOT Show – Safariland / Tactical Command Industries

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


The new Radio Audio Channel Enhancement from TCI corrects a longtime deficiency of dual Comms systems. Currently, one headset ear equals one channel and the other ear is a different channel. This patent pending technology listens for audio null on a channel and turns the headset into a stereo system on the active channel.


Additionally, TCI has introduced the Liberator III R.4 Utility Push to Talk. As you can see, it takes up much less space than the previous version as well as being lighter.


Don Medine Leaves Safariland Group

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The Safariland Group issued this statement regarding TCI founder Don Medine:

Dear Valued Customer,

After 18 years of engineering and producing high quality communications headsets, founder of Tactical Command Industries, Don Medine has decided to pursue other interests and will be departing from The Safariland Group.
Don and his wife Patty built TCI from the ground up alongside a group of law enforcement professionals. Under Don’s leadership, TCI became a company adept at both small custom integration projects as well as large defense procurement opportunities. With a continued passion for TCI, Don decided to sell his company to The Safariland Group in October of 2013 and align TCI’s communications systems with our well-positioned tactical offerings. Since then, Don has been instrumental in integrating TCI’s business into our Communications Category.

With the foundation that Don and Patty have built for TCI we are confident in a successful future for our line of communication products.
We thank Don for his contributions to the industry and wish him well in his future endeavors.


Scott O’Brien

I’ve known Don a long time and wish him well in his next adventure.

Warrior West – Tactical Command Industries

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Tactical Command Industries developed this soft good solution to help mount behind the head-style communications headsets to a high cut ballistic or bump helmet. The TCI Liberator II & III BTH Headset Conversion Kit


The design maximizes real estate on the rail (Ops-core ARC or Team Wendy Rail) and helps turn the separate headset and helmet into a single unit that is easy to don and doff.


One interesting feature on the Headset Conversion Kit is that when you detach the headset from the helmet, the four straps can be hooked together over the crown of the head to form a headband.


Available in Coyote Tan or Black. Berry compliant.


TCI Introduces Liberator Series BTH Headset Attachment Kit for OPS-CORE and High Cut Helmets

Friday, September 7th, 2012

20120907-142145.jpgTCI has created a solution to improve comfort and convenience of wearing tactical headsets with contemporary tactical headsets. You may have noticed TCI’s solution when it was recently televised on NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes” television series where military operatives and celebrities teamed-up to compete and earn money for public safety and military charities.

The Liberator Series Behind-the-Head (BTH) Attachment Kit works with the Ops-Core FAST, Base Jump and other high-cut tactical helmets by allowing users to attach their tactical headset directly to the helmet. It works exceptionally well with Ops-Core helmets with Occ-Dual or advanced nape support straps, while preserving valuable helmet rail space for other mission gear.

The Liberator Series Behind-the-Head (BTH) Attachment Kit was designed as a conversion kit for Liberator II and III BTH headsets to improve modularity, comfort, fit and convenience. Users can don and doff their headset and helmet simultaneously, yet quickly detach the headset from the helmet to place on another compatible helmet. Or, they can wear the headset or helmet independently.


Other attachment systems use the limited rail space of the helmet and the mounting system protrudes outside the normal width of the helmet. TCI noticed that this makes them prone to breakage and removing the headset from the helmet quickly is an endeavor. What’s more, their concern was that you couldn’t effect an expedient battlefield repair if it broke.

Get them at www.tacticalcommandstore.com

Operation Hat Trick

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Operation Hat Trick came about in 2007 when organizers at UNH heard a Boston radio broadcast that challenged listeners to guess what soldiers with head injuries most often asked for upon their return to the United States. The answer was simple…Hats.

From the beginning UNH Senior Associate Athletic Director Dot Sheehan knew this program was meant to be bigger than UNH. “Not in a million years would I have thought that this program could or would grow to this point but when a severely burned soldier told me I made him feel almost ‘normal’ by giving him a hat that covered his burns, I knew that OHT was destined for great things.” Now the national program features three designs and each school can elect to sell one, two or all three styles produced by collegiate headwear manufacturer ’47 Brand. The three styles adjustable camouflage and team color versions as well as a stretch fit style in team color— feature the Operation Hat Trick logo as well as the logo of the school. “I am grateful to Collegiate Licensing Company, UNH’s licensing representative, for bringing this program to the national stage,” Sheehan said.

Now, almost five years later, Operation Hat Trick has gone national with more than 30 colleges and universities around the country selling hats to help support the recovery of wounded soldiers and veterans through the VA General Post Fund. Encourage your college or university to participate in this great charity.


Thanks to Don Medine of TCI for telling us about Operation Hat Trick.

TCI Carrying ‘Patriot Since Birth’ Patch

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Inspired by an Adlai Stevenson quote, “Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime,” Travis Getz designed this moral patch.

The patch is for anyone, but could find special meaning with military for honoring new parents celebrating births while on deployment, etc.

Get yours at www.tacticalcommandstore.com