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SHOT Show – Safariland / Tactical Command Industries


The new Radio Audio Channel Enhancement from TCI corrects a longtime deficiency of dual Comms systems. Currently, one headset ear equals one channel and the other ear is a different channel. This patent pending technology listens for audio null on a channel and turns the headset into a stereo system on the active channel.


Additionally, TCI has introduced the Liberator III R.4 Utility Push to Talk. As you can see, it takes up much less space than the previous version as well as being lighter.


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4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Safariland / Tactical Command Industries”

  1. Matt says:

    The PTT upgrade is awesome. However, I disagree that the “mono” audio in each ear is a dual-comm deficiency. After years of running dual-comms as a FAC and monitoring two or more channels worth of traffic simultaneously, the brain becomes accustomed to using the “which ear is he talking in” to keep track of which traffic is on which net is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Interestingly, several of the vehicle intercom systems have this stereo feature and I have found it significantly more difficult to keep track of the separate nets while using them. While there may be a market for the stereo logic, I would encourage manufacturers to either allow the use to select a “channel-isolation” mode or provide a choice for a system without the stereo feature.

    • Antidote21 says:

      That is a simplistic explanation of what is going on. First its an option, you can chose to have this put in or not. I understand that they are looking at a switch as well. Some guys don’t like it.

      After trying it out, when one radio is active (ie audio traffic on it) it comes out of both ears but the corresponding ear cup to the radio is 2-5db louder than the other ear. IOW the side that the radio is attached to is louder than the other side. When both radios have traffic it operates in the standard fashion with audio out of each corresponding earcup. The whole thing is still secure so you don’t have that bleed over issue that is pretty common in other dual comm systems.

  2. seans says:

    This is a absolutely horrible idea. If you are running dual comms, it’s going to make it extremely hard to deal with somebody talking right in front of you with any sort of loud noises going on and both speakers going off at the same time.

    • Antidote21 says:

      The situational awareness audio comes out of a different speaker in the ear cup than the radio does. One can adjust volume on the earcup or at the radio based on priority. But what you are saying is actually true. Running dual comm you have 2 radio conversations and what is happening around you going on at the same time. That’s why those JTAC guys are high speed.