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SHOT Show – Kitanica Jeans


Kitanica has been working on their version of an American Icon, the blue jean. Made from 14 oz Cone Denim which is a bit heavier than your standard denim.


If you take a peek into the pocket liners you’ll see that they are using camouflage remnants, which I think is a cool detail.


Made in the USA!


18 Responses to “SHOT Show – Kitanica Jeans”

  1. D says:

    They look like regular jeans. Didn’t expect that from the headline.

  2. bulldog76 says:

    round house jeans man made in usa in oklahoma sin the turn of the the 20th century

  3. Jon Meyer says:

    I will stick with my Bluer Denim and Agave Denim jeans.

  4. Squirreltakular says:

    Will they be a more “athletic fit” for those of us that don’t skip leg day?

  5. Dev says:

    It’ll be nice if they made smaller waist sizes. I wear 28″ pants.

  6. Dellis says:

    Anything in a rear high rise, front low rise, pleated with bell bottoms?

  7. DrunkenGrinderMonkey says:

    Man, those are some ugly damn mannequins.

  8. E says:

    Missing the usually critical parts of jeans like the rivets on the pockets…

    • ibeupupandaway says:

      well most denim now a days uses bar tack stitches which are common in most tactical gear to reinforce the stress points, however if you want rivets, because we have not seen the inside of the jeans, we cannot know if the rivets are hidden or if they are just like you said lacking in durability. it’s nice to see denim and the “tactical world” meet, being a fan of both. I just wish they made a pair from 20oz denim and would make them from unsanforized denim, then they could take all my money.

  9. Jerry Bilyeu says:

    I’m still waiting on the Kryptek Typhon pants in black to be available to order