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KLOAK – Cryptic Armour Designed By God, Concealed In Nature

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Another candidate family of patterns from the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort has emerged. Genesis Pattern Technologies, founded by the developer of the popular hunting pattern Mothwing, has developed several pattern families for a wide variety of applications. Seen below is their Milpat1 variant family in the Konbat (Koncealment Battalion) line which includes “macro-micro patterns” based on features found in nature. For example, those crack-like designs can be found in the face of a rock just as well as in topography.

Here is a copy of their full press release.

Genesis Pattern Technologies LLC today announced that Chevalier Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations has been retained to help launch KLOAK Konsealment in its international debut of a new family of cryptic camouflage patterns to the outdoor industry and military.

During its launch phase, KLOAK will roll out numerous adaptive patterns to various markets, including the current U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Solicitation.

“Chevalier’s vision and combined knowledge of the outdoor and military markets will help guide KLOAK to a position that is reflective of the innovative nature of our technology-based company,” said Steve Johnson, Founder of Genesis Pattern Technologies. Company CEO and Director of Licensing, Steve Regan adds, “Chevalier has helped guide some of the best brands in the industry to success, and we have great confidence that the same will hold true for KLOAK.”

“We are excited and honored to be working with Genesis Pattern Technologies in its ground-level introduction of KLOAK,” said Chevalier’s President, Greg Chevalier. “With Steve Johnson’s background in patterning and Steve Regan’s history in licensing—and their combined foresight into the future of concealment and strategic partnerships with major industry manufacturers–we see this relationship as an incredible opportunity for both our companies.”

Prior to his development of Genesis Pattern Technologies, Johnson founded the innovative Mothwing Camo Technologies, which he sold in 2007. Regan brings decades of licensing experience to Genesis and is currently a partner with RWG Licensing. His background includes outdoor brands such as Dick Idol, Wild Wings, PGA TOUR, Bob Timberlake, Earnest Hemingway, John Wayne Enterprises and Ducks Unlimited.

The new KLOAK patterns, based upon mimicry patterning and cryptic colorations found in the natural world, will be unveiled during the SHOT Show in Las Vegas (Booth #243) right beside Under Armour, January 17-20, 2012.

Genesis Pattern Technologies strives to become the international leader in the development of camouflage patterns, as well as the development, marketing and production of other outdoors products and technologies for sale to outdoor enthusiasts.