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Meet the Man Who Inspired James Bond’s “Q”

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

We don’t run articles like this much on SSD anymore since most of this type of content is found over at Tactical Fanboy. But, who doesn’t love James Bond? And if you’re into kit as much we are, then Major Geoffrey Boothroyd aka “Q” was probably a personal hero. This video was shot during the filming of “Goldfinger” and introduces us to the real Geoffrey Boothroyd who inspired author Ian Fleming to introduce the character to the series. In fact, it was Boothroyd who suggested the Walther PPK as an appropriate sidearm for 007. My favorite quote from the video? “The most important thing, irrespective of whether we’re dealing with revolvers or automatic pistols is stopping power. And again, this is again a very debatable thing. You can look in the manufacturer’s tables, for muzzle velocities, muzzle energies and all the rest of it, but, after all in real life, we’re shooting at human beings.

Also, there is a longer version available at that may be regionally blocked for some.