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Mayflower’s Surefire Helmet Light Harness

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

So you’ve got a Surefire helmet light and you love it but you don’t always wear a helmet. Also, you’ve been thinking how much you’d like your light to do more. Mayflower Consulting thought the same thing and came up with a simple, yet elegant solution to the problem. Their harness is used in concert with the MOLLE adapter holding it firmly in place and allowing the light to tilt like a headlamp. The harness is lightweight and won’t take up much room in your kit. In fact, it can be mounted on the helmet, converting the light for use more like a traditional headlamp.

Mayflower Consulting Surefire Light HarnessMayflower Consulting Surefire Light Harness

Very well constructed, the harness is made from mil-spec elastic webbing and the light mount is crafted from a 330D multicam face backed with Coolmax. These materials sandwich a mesh foam padding which works in concert with the Coolmax to mitigate sweat.

Mayflower Consulting Surefire Light HarnessMayflower Consulting Surefire Light Harness

It is the perfect accessory for your helmet light. Available in about four weeks for under $15.00.

Mayflower Consulting’s e-commerce site should be up within four weeks as well.

EOTAC Operator hat

Friday, June 20th, 2008

EOTAC Operator Hat

OK, so you got a Surefire helmet light but you don’t wear your helmet everyday. EOTAC, the guys who used to be Backyard Outfitter and developed the Woolrich Elite line, came up with this unique Operator Hat at the request of those in the tactical firearms training community. The helmet light attaches to the hat’s brim by means of a polymer mount developed in conjunction with Tango Down, LLC. These will be available soon.

The one-size-fits-all Operator Hat is an all cotton low profile design and has the following features:

– No Button on Crown
– Pile Tape on Crown for Combat ID
– Sewn Eyelets in Each Crown Panel
– Low Profile Shape
– Adjustable Back Design
– Surefire Helmet Light Quick-Release Mount on Visor
– Removable American Flag Patch
– Water Repellent Cotton
– Colors: Khaki, Black, Olive

*Surefire is the registered trademark of Surefire, LLC. Helmet Light not included with Operator Hat.