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High Ground ALICE Frame Modular Panel

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Despite its propensity for falling apart, the ALICE frame just won’t go away. Rather, it remains popular due to its ability to accept a wide variety of irregular loads becoming a modern day pack board. High Ground recognized its adaptability and decided to make it MOLLE compatible as well. They’ve created a new modular panel that attaches to the frame making even more useful for a variety of applications.


TacJobs – High Ground Sales Associate

Monday, December 5th, 2011

High Ground is seeking applicants for a new position. While the job title is “Sales Associate”, but after reading through this description, I’d say it is a higher profile job and a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a company that has a long history. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. High Ground itself may feel like a start up, but it’s foundation is a time honored business, that is well respected in the contract sewing business.

Here is what High Ground is looking for in their sales force:

This is an outside sales position, located on the East Coast, and intended to service East Coast SOCOM. Travel expectation is high: 50%-75%.

• Must be excited to help create a new and innovative Tactical Gear Company
• US SOCOM Experience a plus or Conventional US Military Experience with Supply/Procurement Experience
• Must Understand SOCOM / DOD Methods of Purchasing
• Demonstrated successful sales experience or a successful tour as a Military Recruiter
• Aggressive listener, possessing the ability to interpret customer’s requirements
• Willingness to travel 75% of Time (including overseas)
• Professional manner; able to relate to SOCOM Operators and SOCOM purchasers
• Disciplined, able to work independently with strong initiative
• Goal Oriented
• Excellent Communications Skills
• Must have sense of humor

General Responsibilities
• Responsible for developing and/or maintaining relationships with operator-level, military members in order to demonstrate new products, get feedback, and respond to operator needs
• Responsible for developing and/or maintaining relationships with Program-level military purchasers in order to demonstrate new products and incorporate those products into military component’s supply system
• Maintain and Cultivate Distributor relationships in target military base regions
• Responsible for understanding and educating new sales personnel on current and/developing SOCOM Purchasing Vehicles
• Execute company sales plan and help support sales team efforts
• Develop and submit sales forecasts when required.
• Perform “prospecting” and “qualifying” sales calls via telephone and internet.
• Able to Learn and understand HG products and HG Design Philosophy
• Conduct business in an ethical and truthful matter.
• Help support trade shows and exhibits.

Interested parties should email [email protected].

NBOW – High Ground

Friday, September 9th, 2011

High Ground was on hand at NBOW 2011 showing a couple of new additions to their line. Unfortunately, the packs and plate carrier aren’t quite ready for general release yet but when they are, you’ll see them here first.


To learn more about their current products including the HG 730 Modular Pack shown above visit www.highgroundgear.com

High Ground PRC-152 Pouch

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Officially named the Single-Hand, Drop-Down PRC-152 Pouch this new radio pocket from relative newcomer High Ground offers some innovation not found anywhere else. We say relative newcomer as they have been flying below the radar for about a year now and really concentrating on the JTAC community. We mentioned them last year in our piece on their Instant-Access Frag Grenade Pouch which is cool as hell but we haven’t heard much since then, until recently.

High Ground’s version is unlike any other handheld radio pouch we have seen. The point of the design is to stay “head up, eyes on the enemy”. It does this in several ways. For example, it can be opened and closed with only one hand. Additionally, you have unfettered access to the radio screen, buttons, and battery. Finally, the battery can be changed without removing the radio completely from the pouch.


Instant-Access Frag Grenade Pouch

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

New brand High Ground is offered by Ehmke Manufacturing Company who has been in the contract sewing business for generations. In fact, if you have flown on US military aircraft you are more familiar with Ehmke than you think. The thermal acoustical insulation blankets on the plane’s interior are produced by Ehmke as well as the ubiquitous panel mounted first aid kit so many paratroopers have swiped as they shuffled toward the door.

While they introduced a slew of innovative products this week at the Soldier Technology Expo presented by IDGA at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the Instant-Access Frag Grenade Pouch immediately caught our eye. The product is a combination of design and materials that make it the most functional grenade pouch we have seen. They have paired a large Grab-Tab and a Single-Flow Directional Pull Release which utilizes a lift-the-dot snap. This means that the only way to open the pouch is to pull straight up. Additionally, the pull tab is covered in non-slip material to make sure you don’t lose your purchase even in wet conditions. The cover flap also features a snap so it can be closed in the more traditional fashion. While designed for use with frag grenades, it also holds MBITR & PRC-152 batteries. We must say that the pouch’s mechanism reminds us a bit of the grenade elevator from TAG but that pouch carries two frags and the strap is used to elevate the second grenade rather than eject it from the pouch. Careful, when you pull that tab, the grenade pops right into your hand. Finally, the PALS compatible attachment utilizes the tuck design pioneered by Paraclete well over 15 years ago. This is the most innovative grenade pouch we have seen.