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BAE Systems – Broadsword Spine

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Broadsword Spine is BAE Systems’ smart textile demonstrator. It offers both power and data connectivity through an etextile that is inserted as a fabric layer in a garment or piece of equipment. Early work in this field centered around cables inserted into webbing or run through a garment. But this new etextile from intelligent textiles limited is woven from conductive yarns.

As you can, see the etextile is extremely versatile and can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. It is not an outer fabric but rather sandwiched in between layers like an insulation material would be.

A wide variety of low profile ports can be integrated into the design to accommodate different cables. They are placed whe they are needed and sandwich the etextile in order to connect to the integrated power and data grid allowing ports to do double duty.

These ports also mean you can hot swap power sources/batteries as well as devices. Additionally, the elimination of cables lowers snag hazards and improves heat dissipation as the power load is carried over a wider surface area. For you guys who are now terrified you will be electrocuted, relax, the fabric is insulated just like a cable.