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K-VAR CORP. And ARSENAL, INC. – A Joint Effort Benefiting BSA And NRA

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

This is an announcement from K-VAR Corp and Arsenal, Inc. regarding recent charitable donations that went to benefit the Las Vegas Area Boy Scouts of America as well as the NRA. As a Scouter and NRA Life Member, this is great news.

LAS VEGAS, NV – K-Var Corp. and Arsenal, Inc., have joined together in an effort to give back to our loyal customers and to help educate local groups in gun safety and recreational activities. In the current political climate, we have found that the impact we make outside of the industry is just as important as the impact within. Last month, Arsenal and K-Var joined together once again to donate over twenty-five thousand dollars to the Las Vegas Area Boy Scouts of America in sponsoring the 7th Annual Arsenal Sporting Clays and Scout Steel Challenge. To aid the fundraising efforts of the BSA, several of our firearms were donated for a silent auction to benefit the education of scouts throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

In addition to our local work, K-Var Corp. and Arsenal, Inc., recognize the important and invaluable work being done by our friends at the National Rifle Association. Our donation of a Gold Edition MTK90 Jubilee Rifle to the NRA auctions was recently won for $21,000.00. Those funds can now be used to help fund the firearm education of the general public.

We hope to continue our local and national work to benefit you, our loyal customers and friends, and we also hope that you will do the same. Every donation to the NRA, the FAIR Trade Group, or to other organizations can make a difference for the future.

K-Var Announces SHOT Showoff Monthly Video Contest Series

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

(LAS VEGAS) – K-VAR Corp. will have a special guest at the industry’s upcoming and biggest gathering known as the SHOT Show, or Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show and convention. The guest selected will be one of the top winners from the company’s monthly “SHOT Showoff” video contest series announced today.

This new, ongoing contest follows the success of the company’s “What’s Your Story” video contest that just awarded gift card prizes for the best videos. Each month, from September through December, K-VAR will be awarding a $500, $300 and $100 company gift card for the respective 1st, 2nd and 3rd place video winners during the SHOT Showoff contest. The 1st place videos from each month will then go to a public vote to determine the best. The contestant behind the best winning video will become K-VAR’s SHOT Showoff and be invited to attend the convention.

This new contest runs in conjunction with K-VAR’s ongoing 20th year in business celebration allowing the company to create another avenue to more deeply connect with its most loyal customers. K-VAR will use the video submissions to both promote its current products and make changes to others based on customer preference.

The SHOT Showoff contest will give participants nearly full creative control in showcasing either a K-VAR or Arsenal, Inc product. Some suggestion ideas for video submissions may include, but are not limited to:

-Product Reviews
-First Impression of New Items
-2nd Amendment
-Competitive Shooting
-Comedy & Humor
-Arsenal vs. AR Platform

A list of official rules is posted on the K-VAR website at In addition to the three top monthly gift card prizes awarded, anyone who submits a video entry will be given a complementary Arsenal Inc. t-shirt bearing the company’s brand new slogan. Arsenal Inc. will announce the new slogan soon.