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Sneak Peek – Dogbone T1 Mount from Hodge Defense/Mega Arms

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

During last week’s TTRH 2014, Hodge Defense Systems Inc and Mega Arms LLC gave me a sneak peek at their new MRDS Mount.


Manufactured from 7075 aluminum, the Dogbone mount for the Aimpoint T1 is a joint project from Hodge Defense and Mega Arms. The mount gets it’s name from the Dogbone shaped clamp that holds it against a Mil Std 1913 rail.

This is a prototype, so there will be a couple of changes to the final, production model. For instance, they are adding a pin at the bottom of the mount to self center and the two cross bolts will change to Torx #20 heads with no threading at the ends.

There also mounting plates in the works to allow lower 1/3rd cowitness as well as true cowitness. Additionally, they plan to introduce plates for other mini red dot sights. Look for it this summer.