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SureFire Field Notes Ep 12 – Shoot Fast & Accurate with Michael Voight

Friday, July 21st, 2017

SureFire Field Notes is a multi-segment informational video series with tips and techniques from subject matter experts of all backgrounds. In this episode, Mike Voigt discusses the fundamentals of shooting fast and accurate.

Michael has been one of the top action shooters in the world for the past 40 years. Of the hundreds of titles he has won, some include: 14 USPSA® Multigun National Championships, 20+ IPSC Gold Medals in handgun, shotgun and rifle, Arizona State Sporting Clay Champion, Chevy Truck Team Challenge Champion Team member, SOF World 3 Gun Champion, 6 International Tactical Precision Rifle Team Championships, SMM3G Champion, Rocky Mountain World 3 Gun Champion, NRA Bianchi Cup World Champion team member, and the list goes on. He has also served as the IPSC Rules Chairman, IPSC President’s Council member, PRS Board of Director member, and as President of USPSA® for 12 years.

Michael is currently full time in the Research and Development section of the Suppressor and Weapon Division at SureFire LLC, focusing on new and improved equipment. He continues his association with Safariland, developing and testing new products as he has done for over 20 years. Michael proudly represents Hornady, Swarovski, Safariland, SureFire, American Trigger Corp, Dueck Defense, Clever Shotshells, Oakley, MGM and ESP.

Michael continues to trains some of the most elite military and police forces in the world, and is honored to do so.