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Mission Pac Adds Outer Garments

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Australian firm Mission Pac has added 100% Cotton Outer Garments to their line up of merino wool under garments.

Mission Pac has reminded me of these excellent properties of Cotton:
This natural fibre, like merino wool, provides increased breathability, increased comfort levels , and improved flash-over properties compared to poly-cotton and other synthetic fibres.

They are offering Patrol Shirts, Patrol Pants, Bush Hats, and a lightweight Smock designed loosely on the original SAS Smock in Auscam (DPCU), AustDesert (DPDU), Multi-Cam (MCP), Danish Desert, Tan and Navy Blue.

Editor’s Note: I LOVE 100% cotton ripstop! (remember jungle fatigues?) I LOATHE the craptastic 50/50 NYCO that the Army introduced in the early 90s for the “Enhanced” Hot Weather BDU. The NYCO was developed so that Soldiers could starch their uniforms and make them last longer. It was not introduced to enhance the comfort of the uniform in hot environments. But, just remember, cotton isn’t for EVERY environment. So, huzzah to Mission Pac for putting this together! You guys rock.