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MODTAC Antenna Keeper Now Available

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Created by a pair of SF NCOs, the Antenna Keeper allows one-handed adjustment of VHF whip antenna length. No more rubber bags and folding.

The device is inexpensive and causes the antenna to roll rather than crease, increasing the lifespan of the antenna and avoiding a break while out on patrol.

2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – MODTAC Antenna Keeper

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Developed by two Special Forces NCOs, the Antenna Keeper is sheer genius. VHF antennas are intended to be used when fully extended. Unfortunately, they get in the way and are telltale signs of the user’s location. Consequently, many tie their antennas down with rubber bands, Velcro or other means. Sure, this gets the antenna under wraps, but it’s difficult to get it into position when you’ve got to make comms. That’s where MODTAC’s Antenna Keeper comes in.


It’s an injection molded modification which is simply installed on the Antenna. Adjustments are one-handed and the Antenna Keeper causes the Antenna to roll rather than crease. Slide it up for longer distance shots and pull it back down into a stowed configuration when you need the Antenna out of the way.


2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – MODTAC Chemlight Cache

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Modern Tactical Creations are relatively new to the market. Founded by two SF NCOs, they work to create solutions to problems found at the operator and team level. They have several great products, but I thought we should introduce them with the Chemlight Cache.


The Chemlight Cache is an injection molded PALS compatible organizer for chemlights. It is all but impossible to ascertain the color of a Chemlight until it is activated. Guys come up with a varity of means to keep track of them, but things can get confusing, especially in the dark.


MODTAC’s solution provides tactile identification, based on the number of bumps at the top of the Chemlight Cache. Additionally, it’s spring retainer allows you to hook the chemlight directly to the Cache, via its own integral loop, without having to use gutted 550 or mini zip-ties. To remove a Chemlight, simply pull down and forward.