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Morgan Timing Systems – Dry-Fire ProTimer

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

I saw the Dry-Fire ProTimer at SHOT Show.  It was created by a Veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment in order to facilitate dry fire practice with a pistol.  In particular, it’s very good at working on draw and presentation.  It utilizes a replacement barrel, training cartridge and timer app. One important note is that the training barrel won’t chamber a live round in the proper caliber (of course, smaller rounds will fit).  

The Dry Fire Pro-Timer training device (Patent pend. #) allows the user to receive immediate timing feedback when practicing shooting drills such as draw stroke, magazine changes, clearing malfunctions, and transitioning from a primary to secondary weapon system without having to fire live rounds. The recorded times are accurate down to one-thousandths of a second, and stored on a smartphone (through a downloadable App, included with purchase) enabling the user to compare speed and efficiency while utilizing different techniques and equipment.