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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Aegir-38 Added To AMU List

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Congratulations to FirstSpear! Thier Aegir-38 has been added to the NAVSEA Authorized for Military Use list.


AMU Approved Maritime Plate Carrier: # 1.1.17

The Aegir-38 (pronounced eye-jur) is a ballistic protective rifle plate carrier with integrated inflatable tactical aid to flotation devices specifically designed for combat swimmers/divers as well as personnel conducting maritime airborne operations.


It offers the ability to attach multiple re-breathers for use in closed circuit diving operations via FS Tubes closure technologies as well as backpacks and other emerging FS capabilities.


In addition to internal Bouyancy Compensators behind the carrier’s plate pockets, each Aegir-38 has a two bladder emergency tactical aid to flotation capability consisting of two CTAF (Cummerbund Tactical Aid to Flotation) located inside the cummerbunds. Each system includes two welded flotation bladders, two inflation systems, and two firing handles. The bladders are reusable welded fabric that position under the arm when deployed manually by the two 38 gram CO2 cartridges. There are two oral inflation tubes for a secondary inflation method located on the CTAF.


When activated, the Aegir-38’s integral Bouyancy Compensators provide:
-45lbs (20kg/ 200n) positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33′(10m)
-57lbs (25kg/253n) of positive flotation at a depth of 15′(4.5m)
-73lbs (33kg/324n) of flotation the surface

FirstSpear BCs are installed in mesh chambers behind the plate pockets, offering a minimum of 10LBS (4.5KG / 45N) of lift per set in size M-XL Swimmer Cut vests. The BC can be user configured for either left or right hand operators and can be inflated/deflated individually or connected for one inflation/deflation point. When inflated they provide airflow channels aiding in air flow to the operator as well as some distribution. During independent testing in support of NAVSEA the BC also reduced Back Face Deformation (BFD) significantly when used inflated during ballistic resistant testing against specified high velocity rifle threats.


For non-diving operations any of the FS Standard land cummerbunds can be used as well as the two inch belly band for extreme hot environments or confined work space. All land and flotation cummerbunds for the Aegir-38 secure with the FirstSpear Tubes closure system. The Aegir-38 is designed to be used and maintained at the Operator level and with limited training can be repacked and one hundred percent operational in under 30 minutes.


Additionally, its streamlined design incorporates Dual, Built-in Radio pockets, accommodating PRC-148 or PRC-152 radios, extra magazines and/or med supplies. Thanks to a channel stitch design, shoulder straps on the Aegir-38 are designed to allow the operator to cut off excess material without degrading the stitching of the whole shoulder strap.

Here is some video from certification testing.

I’m impressed that they got this added to the AMU list as a BC. But, if you’re like me, you’ve wondering this whole time where the name comes from, so I asked Jon Laplume and he directed me to this:

In Norse mythology, Ægir (Old Norse “sea”) is a sea jötunn associated with the ocean. He is also known for hosting elaborate parties for the gods. Sea Giant who likes to party? Sounds like a SEAL named Dave Kent to me.