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Tactical Fanboy Takes Us to an Interesting Survival Blog

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Tactical Fanboy posted an interesting link to “Emergency” author Neill Strauss’ survival blog. It’s worth a look.


Friday, March 20th, 2009

Emergency by Neil Strauss

I read a good book over the weekend. Recently released, the cover of “Emergency” claims that it “This Book Will Save Your Life”. While there are a fair number of good pointers throughout the book, it’s really an autobiographical journey of self-discovery. We follow the author, Neil Strauss as he begins to realize that the world he lives in is a much more dangerous place than he always believed. Having taken the fruits of civilization for granted he begins his transformation from sheeple to survivor to sheep dog. While his initial motivations are somewhat questionable, I feel he becomes a better man and ultimately, better neighbor for having made the trip. Readers will find familiar personalities, schools, and TTPs in the book. I highly suggest you pick up this book, it is an entertaining read and the part that I found most enjoyable was how Strauss begins to see the world in a more pragmatic light and masters his fears.

Check out the author’s website for sample chapters.