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DEP Technologies To Debut At SOFIC 2015

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


SOFIC 2015 Tampa, Florida – SOFIC will be the official release venue for DEP Technologies, a subsidiary of PHOTONIS USA – provider of night vision imaging tubes, power tubes, digital imaging, and scientific detectors.

DEP will be the exclusive US distributor of the PHOTONIS INTENS™ night vision tubes which set the standard for 4G operational parameters such as minimum high FOM, extended bandwidth sensitivity and high light tolerance. DEP, USA will capitalize on the various aspects of the PHOTONIS INTENS™ tube attributes such as the 45% smaller 16mm format tube, and its high performance wide-band 18mm format image Intensifier tube.

Additionally DEP, USA will provide systems enhancement components to both currently fielded systems and emerging products.

DEP, USA and PHOTONIS Digital Imaging are located in Texas.