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PPSS Group Introduces Ultralightweight Armor

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Earlier this year we told you about PPSS Armour Group’s Cut-Tex fabric. Now, they have introduced a new lightweight armor package. The CV1 is a NIJ lvl IIIA vest that weighs 1.65 kg (3.63 lbs) and is 6.5 mm (just over a 1/4″) thick. Naturally, it uses a unidirectional material, in this case Dyneema® SB51, in order to reach these performance specs. Available Small – 6XLarge, the cover is a combination of Cordura and Outlast.

Check out their red band trailer.

PPSS CEO Robert Kaiser had this to say about the new CV1 armor in a press release, “Every gram we can shave off the weight of body armour will improve the comfort of the wearer, and subsequently reduce the risk of human error due to fatigue and exhaustion”. “Our ambitious goal was to develop one of the thinnest, lightest and most comfortable bullet proof vests, and it is now crystal clear that together with our manufacturing partners in Sweden we have successfully reached our objective”, said Kaiser.