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CANSEC 18 – Raytheon ELCAN Specter 1x MRDS and 1XL CQS

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Although Raytheon launched the ELCAN Specter 1x Mini Red Dot Sight and 1XL Close Quarter Sights at last week’s SOFIC, CANSEC is the first time they’ve been seen in Canada.

1x Mini Red Dot Sight

Featuring the large window ELCAN is well known for, this MRDS can be stand alone or piggyback on another sight like the Specter OS or DR series.





1XL Close Quarter Sight

This sight uses an LED to provide a crisp reticle, even when used in conjunction with a magnifier. Additionally, by pressing the two buttons on the left side simultaneously, the user can swap between dot, circle, or a combination of both.



Superpowered Power Suit

Friday, October 1st, 2010

From Defense Contractor Raytheon comes the XOS 2 robotics suit. A powered exoskeleton, it greatly increases the strength of the wearer while being lighter and requiring 50 percent less power than its predecessor, the Scarcos XOS. This new tethered version is tied to its shore power source and would be used to lift heavy objects for logistics purposes, such as munitions and supplies, and will be applied to the theater of operations in about 5 years. A non-tethered combat variant, including only the lower half to help alleviate the strain of heavy equipment, will be applied 3-5 years after the tethered variant. There is no word, however, on when a variant suitable to combat Alien queens will be introduced.

– Tactical FanBoy