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Kyle Defoor Joins Russell Moccasin Co Prostaff

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Berlin, WI – Defoor Proformance Shooting announced today that VP and head instructor Kyle Defoor has joined the prostaff at Russell Moccasin Co. Defoor Proformance Shooting is an industry leader in contracted military shooting and tactics instruction, training over one thousand DOD personnel each year. In addition DPS conducts civilian shooting courses monthly throughout the U.S.

“I would like to welcome Kyle Defoor to our prostaff at the Russell Moccasin Co. He will be a strong addition to our already talented group of Professional Hunters here at Russell Moccasin. He will help us field test our boots and shoes in the pro shooting industry and in his running and motorcycle adventures” said Suzanne Fabricius, VP of Sales and Marketing for Russell Moccasin.

Russell Moccasin Co. is an over 100 year old family run business that hand makes each shoe and boot in Berlin,Wisconsin to perfectly fit the customer. Russell Moccasin got its start in the booming logging industry pre 1900 and has since made footwear for everyone from U.S. Presidents, to Kings, Generals, Professional Hunters and Outdoorsman the world over.

“I am humbled and very excited about being on the Russell Moccasin Prostaff. I spend 300 days a year outside in every condition imaginable. Footwear is beyond important for me. Over the years I grew tired of constantly traveling with multiple pairs of shoes and boots to meet the needs of that trip. I also didn’t like the fact that most shoes and boots I wore wouldn’t last more than a year and couldn’t be resoled or recrafted. Russell Moccasin footwear is warm, dry, lightweight, rebuildable, breathes and they can have dual or triple use. Everyone that knows me and gear will be excited to see the products from Russell Moccasin that I’ll be highlighting on my social media while shooting, running, hunting and riding motorcycles.”

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