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Whiskey 5 – Scott-Donelan Tracking School

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The Scott-Donelan Tracking School (SDTS) is the world leader in modern combat tracking (visual man-tracking) instruction and application. The SDTS was founded by David Scott-Donelan, the originator of modern combat tracking. He brought it to the United States in 1994 when at the behest of local corrections personnel and law enforcement he founded TTOS (his first tracking company, which he left in 2009). Those programs were rejuvenated, revised, and updated tracking instruction methods and operational lessons learned in Rhodesian, modern Namibia and other AORs. DSD has over 45 years professional experience in both tracking operations and tracking training. He has literally taught specialized and conventional military and law enforcement units around the world. Founded in January 2010, TSDTS is the official Subject Matter Experts for Combat Tracking for the US Marine Corps, and the tracking expertise behind the nationally recognized BORDER HUNTER project. TSDTS has an excellent cadre of professional, passionate instructors from military and/or law enforcement backgrounds and its founder still regularly goes into the field to instruct. The top six (6) instructors themselves have over one hundred and eighty (180) years of cumulative tracking experience. Unlike some instructional entities who employ instructors based largely on limited internal train-the-trainer courses, all SDTS personnel are vetted trackers with operational experience. Scott-Donelan established the Combat Tracking Course at Ft. Huachuca and oversaw its operation for five (5) years; that program, originating from his original course standards, is now the standard for the entire United States Army.

The Scott-Donelan Tracking School is committed to providing the finest, professional tracking instruction to our clients. Our modern Combat- and Tactical- Tracking Courses are designed to specifically address the needs and operational requirements of our clients, whether they are military, law enforcement, search and rescue, or general outdoor enthusiasts. Combat and Tactical Tracking Courses are instructed in five (5) day or 50 hour stages, and can include Levels I, II, and III. Less field-oriented courses, for urban, joint canine or investigative efforts are also available for departments and personnel needing a focus more on evidence recovery and scene analysis. Additionally, we offer a three (3) day Basic Tracking Course, which covers the essential elements of tracking and is geared toward the community at large, regardless of roles/missions/duties.

Our courses can be scheduled year round, depending on weather conditions and patterns at the requesting agency’s location. You can find a schedule for our ‘home base’, Arizona classes by visiting Our schedule continually evolves; please watch the course calendar, visit us on Facebook or contact the company directly- Class planning is intentionally flexible and determined by the request and needs of our clients. Mobile Training Teams can be organized and sent to requesting departments or units on short notice.

The SDTS offers training anywhere it is required in the United States or abroad. We have by necessity become adept at utilizing limited local training resources and ground to achieve instructional objectives.

The Scott-Donelan Tracking School understands the value of modern tracking as it relates to the broad spectrum of military and police operations. Tracking is an excellent skill that builds both situational awareness and tactical acuity. It is a proven force multiplier on the battlefield and a demonstrated, time-proven asset to LE investigative and prosecution efforts. We are committed to America’s forces, its Allies, and our nation’s first responders. It is our sincere dedication to “focus on making a difference, not a dollar.” Tracking is not a lost art, but rather an underutilized modern science. Let us show you how. Together we can make a difference.