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FightLite Industries – SCR Pistol

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

This beauty showed up on the Shockwave Technologies Facebook page.  It’s a Shockwave Raptor Grip R870 mounted to FightLite Industries SCR pistol lower receiver.  The SCR is legal in all 50 states and accepts AR uppers.  This model is 21″ OAL, 7.5″ barrel, and just 3.9 lbs.

Shockwave Technologies – Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer

Friday, August 15th, 2014


Shockwave Technologies has come up with their own take on the AR-15 pistol stabilizing brace, the Blade AR. The Blade AR incorporates a flexible stabilizing fin, which the user rests against the inside of their forearm when in use. This stabilizes the firearm in the horizontal plane, and the friction created between the forearm and fin stabilizes the firearm in the vertical plane. Color me skeptical. I will be surprised if BATFE approves this.


The user can also wrap a standard sling around the Blade AR to further stabilize the firearm.

Shockwave Technologies plans to release the Blade AR beginning in October of this year.