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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Each year in autumn the international maritime Special Forces-Outfitter outer-limits organizes its EXPERIENCE WEEK for Special Forces taking place at a mountain lake in the Austrian Alps. The reason for this may not only be related to the fact that the members of international maritime special forces from almost all continents need to test the specialized equipment in bad conditions but also that it simply has to be cold and wet for the frogmen to jump into the water. SPARTANAT.COM was with them and had a close look at the gear.


This image depicts the optimum conditions fairly well. Also, you can spot one of the latest products, the Rebreather MK1 – a product of the company SIEL/OMG – which was thoroughly tested. We will soon give a comprehensive introduction into the functionality of the device, which is available as a military, antimagnetic model and a civil version.


Frogmen do not have to rely on their physical condition exclusively: SUEX provides a variety of DPVs and DPDs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles and Diver Propulsion Devices) as well as DTCs (Dry Tube Containers). With these devices it is possible to approach targets located at a distance of up to 25 kilometers.


Also, sufficient equipment can be transported: these diving containers hold 50 or 100 liter and are moved by frogmen using DPVs. SUEX is the worldwide leader regarding the development and production of these special military devices. Outer-limits is the Senior Consultant of SUEX and responsible for all international public administrations well as training and education.


Who prefers to stay above water, can rely on this classic product: The folding boat Commado 545 – produced by the company Klepper – allows for quick and silent above water movement and can easily be transported dismantled.


We always knew that frogmen are the beach boys within the military. The new thing is that they can get surf boards now. The surf board of the company Lampuga is inflatable and motorized, it can be used for approaches on the surface and reaches speeds of up to 50 kph.


At the EXPERIENCE WEEK you can also come across many classics, such as the company Poseidon, which in terms of diving equipment has much more to offer than just masks


and of course you can find Draeger, which provide Rebreather, diving masks and practical tests of new amplifiers.


Moreover, the X-Shut system offers stunning technical solutions. The mounting arms of the system can equally be used for the HAHO/HALO parachuting as well as for diving. Or it can even be combined, which is not unusual for triphibians.


Outer-limits also offers its own Tactical Dry Suit collection. Everything can be custom-build: a variety of breathable laminates, camouflage patterns, IR and heat-absorbing materials, sealing seams, which are particularly tear-resistant, MOLLE applicator and so on. All of these suits are manufactured only in Europe and exclusively for outer-limits. This guarantees quick, individual solutions, which are adapted to the specific requirements.


Those who get wet feet, also need special shoes: Together with the company HAIX outer-limits has launched SEA EAGLE. The boots are also availabe in Tan now.


When exciting the water under potential bombardment, ballistic protection is essential: the SAPI plates from outer-limits are one of a kind. Even .338 Lapua AP cannot puncture the plates.


The base camp, where the annual meeting of amphibian Special Forces takes place, shows itself from its best side, even when it’s rainy.

Outer-limits is the international sales partner of all the companies presenting their products at the EXPERIENCE WEEK. The entire equipment presented as well as the compatible training are available at outer-limits.

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