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I’m Posting This Because It’s For A Good Cause

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Recently, Navy SEAL Veteran Chris Kyle visited the set of ‘Sons of Guns’ to demonstrate the H&K MR556 and to help specify the customization of one to be auctioned off for his charity FITCO Cares “Heroes Project”.


The H&K MR556 was customized by Red Jacket Firearms with the following-

Surefire Flashlight with remote “momentary-on” pressure tapeswitch $595.00
Tangodown Quick detach vertical foregrip $100.00
Eotech Tan EXPS Holographic Site $450.00
Eotech Flip to side Magnifier $550.00
LDI DBAL Laser sight $1000.00
Magpul CTR Stock $100.00
Magpul Sights $100.00
Guissele SSA trigger $180.00
2 x Magpul 30 round magazines $50.00

The auction runs through September 28th. Go to GunBroker.com to register and make your bid on this one of a kind weapon. You’d better bring your checkbook. It’s already up to $15,000.

This is for charity folks so I expect that level of respect on this one. I really like what FITCO Cares is doing. Check them out at www.fitcocares.org.

Paradigm SRP TALON Universal Weapons Mount

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Paradigm SRP provides services from Executive Protection to Foreign Internal Defense risk mitigation and consultations. And now, they’ve added some pretty high tech technology development to their portfolio.

You may have seen the first version of their TALON Universal Weapons Mount on the Discovery Channel series, “Sons of Guns.” The version you saw on the show utilized mechanical gyros, while this new version uses state-of-the-art fiber optic gyros.

Adaptable to many platforms including rotary wing aircraft, vehicles, and maritime systems, the TALON Universal Weapons Mount will accommodate a wide variety of weapons starting with the M4 type carbine for more stable shots to larger and more accurate systems for precision shots such as the .50 (rifle). Additionally, the TALON will mount belt fed systems such as a 7.62 Light Machine Gun (LMG). Furthermore, Paradigm SRP is working on compatibility with the Mk 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. It is a simple and stable mounting design that does not require permanent alteration for installation but rather uses existing cargo hard points along with common tie-down straps.

Pinpoint precision is now achievable from aerial platforms (ground and maritime as well) due to the TALON’s design. A quick mount system allows the weapon to be attached to the TALON. Stabilization is achieved by incorporating mil-spec fiber optic gyros, high speed servos, and advanced circuitry into a precision machined two axis yoke. Stabilization correction solutions are made at a rate of over one thousand times per second. This is much faster than mechanical gyros.

If you want to know more, make you see the TALON Gun Mount in booth #811 at the National Tactical Officers Association’s 28th Annual Conference 18 and 19 September in Richmond, Virginia.