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Novatiq Scorp Available From SPECOPS.PL

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Swiss firm Navatiq has developed a new compact Unmanned Ground Vehicle called the Scorp which can pull double duty as a recce as well as EOD asset. It is a lightweight (~2.5 kg), throwable bot that boasts day/night 360° omnidirectional panoramic vision via 4 cameras mounted 1 per side. As you can see from the photo below, it also incorporates a built in microphone as well as Picatinny rails to mount additional accessories or sensors. Planned enhancements include biochemical detector, disruptor, encryption, manipulator with pincer, autonomous navigation, firing explosive charges, thermal imaging, etc.

The tracked Scorp also features articulating flipper arms to right itself in the event of a tumble or to aid in climbing. The control unit offers full recording capability as well as a range of 500 meters outdoors (line of sight) and 100 meters indoors (line of sight). Additionally, by utilizing alternative frequencies you can operate up to four robots within the same zone.

The Scorp is now available from the Polish form SPECOPS.