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TAT3D Targets

Monday, January 27th, 2014


We’ve mentioned the TAT 3-D targets a couple of times in the past so it was cool to get a chance to check them out at SHOT Show during the FirstSpear range day. They are 3-D modular targets that resemble manakins. You can replace the face and chest plates as well as hands. Additionally, there are various accessories such as knives and small arms that can be placed in the hands of the target in order to enhance realism.


The target can be configured with foam, steel plate or cardboard face and chest components. Backed by an armor- grade steel plate with a frag reduction frame, the removable foam chest plate can take a beating. Interestingly, frangible ammo seems to beat the foam plate up more than anything else.



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TAT 3D Targets

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


I first noticed the TAT 3D targets in photos from the recent MiliPol expo in Paris. Two things struck me. First, they don’t look like anyone in particular. No one is going to see there and be offended. Second, they are modular. A combination of self sealing foam and steel plates, TAT 3D targets can be posed in many positions. Additionally, the foam panels on the head and chest can be removed so that the target will be a more traditional steel construction offering audible feedback.

TAT 3D Targets will see their US premiere at SHOT Show. Look for a live demonstration at the 3rd annual FirstSpear range day, January 13th.