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Power Forward Trinity Systems ADS Tactical

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Think a generator that can be powered by MOGAS, diesel, JP8, isopropyl alcohol, kerosene, propane or even booze is a fantasy? So did I until I saw the Power Forward. It’s one component of the Trinity Systems offered by INI Power.

The Trinity Systems are currently offered in two flavors, a 1000W system and a 2000W system and each consists of flex fuel power, generation, harvesting, and storage modules which are all man portable.

You can harvest power using partially discharged batteries as well as solar energy and store your power utilizing a battery bank included with the system. The system also comes with a lightweight, clear propane tank so you can monitor your supply. Additionally, there is a flexible exhaust tube that allows you to run the generator indoors if needed.

Right away, I saw some serious advantages. For one thing, you can use virtually any fuel so when you can’t run that cool generator that the contracting guy bought for you down the souk because you ran out of MOGAS, you could keep on going with the Power Forward generator. What’s more, you can mix fuels and it keeps right on ticking. Additionally, it produces the amount of power you need. You don’t have to run a big trailer mounted Gen Set with it’s associated noise, maintenance and other hazards. And, you don’t have to produce 1KW when you don’t need it, so this will cut down on fuel use. This means you are taking some pressure off of the log train resulting in fewer troops facing the danger of convoys to bring you fuel. In extreme cases, you can even scavenge for fuel thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Units and agencies can purchase the Trinity Series though ADSinc.com.