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INI Power Systems – Award-Winning Tactical Hybrid Solutions Provider Showcasing Real-Time Innovations To Bridge Power, Energy Capability Gaps

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

QUANTICO, VA. & RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C. — Award-winning tactical hybrid solutions provider INI Power Systems will be sharing its expertise in portable flex fuel generator technology at the Modern Day Marine expo September 22-24 in Quantico, Virginia.

Co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base, Quantico, this event is one of the premier military equipment, systems, services, and technology expositions in the world.

“We’re thrilled to be participating again as one of the exhibiting companies to share our knowledge and products with the 8,000-plus attendees expected at the Crossroads of the Corps,” INI Power Chairman and President Larry Markoski said.

Markoski – holder of 15 patents in multiple fields – is the lead inventor and developer of INI Power’s flex fuel engine and generator technologies – and will be located in the Small Business Pavilion, Booth #25.

INI Power will be featuring its real-time innovations that bridge worldwide power and Operational Energy capability gaps for autonomous and hybrid operations, including 500 Watt, 1kW, 2kW, and 5kW One Man Portable auto starting solutions.

The company’s pioneering Flex Fuel Generators with OMNIVORE engine technology convert commercial, off-the-shelf gasoline-only generator systems into flexible and versatile multi-fuel (MF) systems. This makes them capable of operation with a large array of compressed and liquid fuels, including medium distillate fuels in support of the Department of Defense’s JP-8/F-24 Single Fuel Forward requirements.

The agnostic fuel architecture of INI Power products (JP-8, F-24 “NATO”, gasoline, propane, methanol, isopropanol) allows for the use of any fuel, in any AOR, in any combination, thereby allowing Warfighters to generate instantaneous power (no start up time) from any military logistical fuel, in addition to any fuels available off of the local economy, including contaminated fuels typically found in remote AORs for a wide-ranging number of mission sets.

INI Power’s 1kW auto starting generator solution was down selected for the MARCORSYSCOM One Man Portable Generator (1MPG) Program of Record, and is currently in full rate production supporting Marines and FMF CONOPS throughout the world.

INI’s latest 5kW product offering is the ideal, right sized, spot power generation solution for Airborne Command Posts, EOD Mission Sets, Surgical Shelters, ECUs, Mobile Readiness and Construction CONOPS, and Contingency Readiness Operations.

Visit for more information about right-sized, man portable, fuel agnostic power solutions for deployments to remote, austere, unimproved environments anywhere in the world.

Warrior Expo – INI Power

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

This is the new 5kw generator from INI Power.     

INI Power offers intelligent, reliable and flexible fuel power. You can use virually any fuel and in any combination such as mogas, alcohol, biofuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, paint thinner, etc.  

This new two manportable size joins 500w, 1kw, and 2kw models which are all one manportable.  The 1kw model has been adopted by the USMC for their expeditionary power needs.

ADS to Supply USMC with One-Man Portable Battery Chargers

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

ADS Inc has won a contract to supply the US Marine Corps with One Man Portable (1MPG) Battery Charger Systems.


ADS, Inc. will utilize INI’s One Man Portable Generators featuring OMNIVORE Engine Technology to meet 1MPG Single Fuel Forward requirements. INI’s One Man Portable Generators offer 1kW of electrical power using JP-8 in support of GREENS and One-Man Portable Battery Chargers.

For additional details visit

Warrior Expo ADStv | INI Power

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

When we first wrote about the INI Power System it caused quite a stir, particularly among the prepper community. Considering it a true Multi-fuel generator that allows you to scavenge a wide variety of sources for fuel, it offers a great deal of potential.

For more info, check out

SOMA – Solar Stik Inc

Saturday, December 15th, 2012


We’ve been big fans of Solar Stik’s kinetic energy collection system for some time now. But now they’ve partnered with INI Power to offer their IntelliGEN flex-fuel generator which we wrote about earlier this year. They both offer a variety of energy collection and management technologies and what’s even better, they are more than happy to work together.

It might seem odd to see energy companies at a medical show but you have to consider that many medical devices require power to work. In fact, think about disaster areas. Not only is there a great deal of suffering that requires medical attention, but there’s generally no shore power either.

Look for more info soon on both of these great companies.

Power Forward Trinity Systems ADS Tactical

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Think a generator that can be powered by MOGAS, diesel, JP8, isopropyl alcohol, kerosene, propane or even booze is a fantasy? So did I until I saw the Power Forward. It’s one component of the Trinity Systems offered by INI Power.

The Trinity Systems are currently offered in two flavors, a 1000W system and a 2000W system and each consists of flex fuel power, generation, harvesting, and storage modules which are all man portable.

You can harvest power using partially discharged batteries as well as solar energy and store your power utilizing a battery bank included with the system. The system also comes with a lightweight, clear propane tank so you can monitor your supply. Additionally, there is a flexible exhaust tube that allows you to run the generator indoors if needed.

Right away, I saw some serious advantages. For one thing, you can use virtually any fuel so when you can’t run that cool generator that the contracting guy bought for you down the souk because you ran out of MOGAS, you could keep on going with the Power Forward generator. What’s more, you can mix fuels and it keeps right on ticking. Additionally, it produces the amount of power you need. You don’t have to run a big trailer mounted Gen Set with it’s associated noise, maintenance and other hazards. And, you don’t have to produce 1KW when you don’t need it, so this will cut down on fuel use. This means you are taking some pressure off of the log train resulting in fewer troops facing the danger of convoys to bring you fuel. In extreme cases, you can even scavenge for fuel thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Units and agencies can purchase the Trinity Series though