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H&K G41C – One of the Coolest Guns Never Made

Friday, January 2nd, 2015


Brought to life by TSC Machine, the H&K G41C is a never produced Carbine variant of the G41. The 5.56mm rifle was introduced by H&K in 1981 as a replacement for the HK 33 but dropped from the H&K lineup in 1996 primarily as I understand it, because the planned replacement of the Bundeswehr’s G3s with G41s never came to fruition due to costs associated with the reunification of Germany. A couple of design features you may find interesting are the forward assist and dust cover as well as the use of STANAG M16 magazines. Additionally, the original G41 had a wire carrying handle like the FN FAL and used the classic H&K roller delayed blowback system.


This home brew Carbine model is TSC Machine’s concept of what a G41C would look like if it were produced today, even down to the Tan color.

The weapon was however, built by H&K in a K configuration. Although, I’ve got to say, this doesn’t exactly look Kurz to me it was purportedly spoked to stand for Karabiner. Later, H&K standardized the C suffix for carbine.

Thanks to Tim O!