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U.S. Ordnance M60E6 Wins Royal Danish Army GPMG Replacement Program

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

The Royal Danish Army recently announced it has selected the U.S. Ordnance M60E6 as its new General Purpose Machine Gun through its GPMG Replacement Program, the trials for which have been held since last year.


The M60E6 was one of two finalists in the program, along the HK121. The M60E6 was chosen for the benefits it holds over the current M/62 MG3 which has been in use with the Danish Army since 1962:

– Weighs 9.35 kg, approx. 3 kg lighter than the M/62, with better weight distribution
– Better control of alternative shot positions, such as kneeling and standing
– Lower ROF of 550 RPM when compared with the M/62’s 1200 RPM, which improves shooter accuracy, reduces ammunition consumption, and significantly minimizes the risk of collateral damage
– Single shot capability
– Reduced recoil
– Picatinny rails allows for the addition of accessories such as tactical lights, lasers, etc.
– Stable adjustable stand
– Fast barrel change is possible without the use of gloves

Approximately 700 LMGs have been purchased, which are scheduled for delivery starting late 2014. Additionally, the Danish Army is also in the process of obtaining an optics and sensor package for the new LMG, including unspecified daylight optics, thermal optics, red dot optics, tactical lights, tactical lasers, and laser range finders. This package is expected to be delivered starting 2015.


Hat tip: Krigeren.dk