Introducing S.O.TECH’s MACTAC Kit

S.O.TECH has a long history or working with law enforcement to push the envelope in tactical gear design. This time they’ve worked with LAPD, LASD, and Orange County Sheriffs Dept (CA) to create the MACTAC (Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capabilities) as a way to respond to multiple violent assaults and/or terrorist acts. MACTAC was inspired by the tactical dilemmas posed by the Mumbai assault and active shooter incidents like Columbine.

“LAPD is in the process of developing supplemental courses to help supervisors and team leaders apply the MACTAC concept during critical field incidents.” – LAPD Official website

The kit includes the Mission Pack Micro, the Helmet Mesh Adapter, and the Rapid Response Bandolier with add-on items also available. The concept is, everything you need for any engagement in a single package, with hard plate coverage, helmet, ID patches, and an extra 120 rounds of ammunition. The pack also offers additional room for food and water, extra weapons/ammunition/holsters, an IFAK med kit and other mission-specific gear.

MACTAC training is rapidly becoming a top priority for a variety of agencies nationwide in 2012 and this new kit from S.O.TECH will support your requirements.

For Law Enforcement Agency Representatives interested in MACTAC, email or to learn more about the program.


3 Responses to “Introducing S.O.TECH’s MACTAC Kit”

  1. Eric S. says:

    This should be a big hit. I have that duffle bag he was talking about in the video with all my stuff. Its a big PITA to get into with everything else stuffed in my trunk.
    That bandoleer is a great idea also!

  2. LAPD/Grunt says:

    This company makes the best gear out there. Period! I’ve been using S.O. Tech gear for about 10 years now, and they continue to be far out in front of the curve. I know that Jim, Neil and the guys have been working on this MACTAC system for years, and have asked us for a lot of input from the law enforcement perspective.

    My partners and I have the luxury of living and working close to their headquarters, so we pop in there on a regular basis. On that note, they also have the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. Jim has assembled a great team.


  3. erick says:

    Jim and crew do make good solid gear. Quite nice to see gear purpose built for uniformed coppers and their needs.