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SHOT Show – Kalashnikov USA


The AK Alfa was on one of the new weapons for 2016 on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth. Using the traditional Kalashnikov rifle as the foundation, a team of Israel Defense Force snipers and engineers designed a modernized interpretation of the AK platform. One of the main features of the Alfa is it’s designed to be customized to conform to a user’s body type and shooting style. To this end, the safety lever, magazine release, and charging handle is ambidextrous. Additionally, the charging grip is interchangeable, the forend is modular, and the stock can be customized from one of several butt pads. The pistol grip, which features interchangeable inserts, also has a sealed battery compartment.

The Alfa is chambered for 7.62×39, and uses any standard AK-compatible magazines.

Below, you can check out a 3D model overview video of the AK Alfa rifle.


7 Responses to “SHOT Show – Kalashnikov USA”

  1. Philip says:

    It looks like the AK and the ACR had a baby. Interesting design, curious if it has the same reliability as traditional AKs.

  2. Reeky says:

    space age looking shit right there

  3. BillC says:

    Oh. Ma. Gawd. I actually want to start saving my pennies.

  4. reverend says:

    Okay… That’s hot.

  5. NotJoe says:

    looks too plastic…

    • Greg says:

      It does sort of look like the XM8’s Russian cousin, but I think this style actually looks rather nice.

  6. Paul J says:

    That with an Elcan specter holographic and IMI BUIS.