The Next Generation A-TACS “X” Line of Camo Patterns Released Signaling New Direction for Company

There’s something new brewing at Digital Concealment Systems, the company that launched the A-TACS Camo patterns. Original A-TACS AU released in 2009, A-TACS FG released in 2011, and A-TACS LE released in 2013 are being retired as their new X series of patterns have now been completed and are coming online to replace the three original “Legacy” patterns.  The X line represents the conclusion of more than three years of development culminating with the release of new AU-X (Arid/Urban Xtreme) and FG-X (Foliage Green Xtreme). It also represents a new streamlined direction for the company itself. Not only have Camouflage Patterns evolved, the company ownership has also followed suit. The company has been re-organized with a new focus and is now run by Founder and Pattern Developer, Phil Duke and Clint Hoover, who previously served as A-TACS Spokesman, Business Development and Marketing strategist.

With 25 years serving in the United States Army as a US Army Ranger Medic, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant with Assaulter/Sniper assignments. Clint Hoover brings a wealth of experience not only into the day to day operation, he has also brought his real world experience into the development of the new enhanced line of camouflage patterns currently being introduced. “Our focus has historically been on the Special Operations community, this includes JSOC, Tier 1, SOF assets worldwide, further to that, Tactical Law Enforcement, Three Letter Agencies and OGAs” Hoover stated. “With the now complete X line of patterns, we have re-doubled our focus, and partnered with only like-minded gear and uniform manufacturing partners”, according to Hoover.

Likewise, many of the A-TACS Brand Partners are stepping up to the plate. For example, TRUSPEC and A-TACS Camo have partnered in the creation of a brand new uniform style exclusive to the A-TACS X line, that will make its debut at the 2019 SHOT Show. “This uniform will incorporate many of the features Special Operations teams are looking for in the highest quality Vat-Dyed NyCo fabric–and we will be delivering it at a price unheard of for a garment of this quality”, said Drew Sylvester, Director of Sales at TRUSPEC. This uniform will be available in four of the new A-TACS Camo patterns in early 2019.

During the on-going “War on Terrorism” and the ever-changing threat landscape, new innovations in tactical camouflage were born. With adversaries, in every geological hiding spot around the world, SOF must be able to adapt their appearance within areas of operation in short order. With the popularity and over-proliferation of some camouflage patterns currently in widespread use, A-TACS Camos’ sole purpose was to offer our nation’s Special Operators and Tactical Law Enforcement professionals the most advanced concealment available and reduce the possibility of “battlefield confusion”. “We have created six new patterns to enable Special Operations professionals to effectively blend into changing environmental scenarios.  These patterns can easily be mixed and matched to any mission-specific geographical requirement by simply changing and intermingling uniform tops, bottoms and nylon gear in any variable combination of the three main colorways in the X line”, according to Duke. During the development of the A-TACS X line-up, careful consideration was given regarding the use of common color with variable ratios in all three patterns in the central line, consisting of A-TACS AU-X, A-TACS iX and A-TACS FG-X. “If you look back to the Special Forces, Recon Team, Seals and MAC-V-SOG projects, they truly took camouflage to the next level. Mixing camo uniforms and gear further breaks up the human silhouette. This has continued up to current day, looking at recent operations around the world and now, through years of research and development, we have taken that concept to the next level,” Hoover stated.

The centerpiece of this concept is A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtreme), introduced in 2015, with the bookends of A-TACS AU-X (Arid/Urban Xtreme) and A-TACS FG-X (Foliage Green Xtreme) being introduced on uniforms and gear at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  Rounding out the line-up is A-TACS LE-X (Law Enforcement Xtreme), A-TACS (Ghost) Grey, and A-TACS AT-X (Arctic Tundra Xtreme). This family of concealment solutions provides end-users with a diverse choice of modular clothing to facilitate rapidly changing mission criteria.

“It is our mission to improve the design, advance printing capabilities and concealment effectiveness of our camouflage patterns. Advanced capabilities include: a full effective camouflage system, nocturnal diffusion of light, optics perception, Near Infra Red, Thermal Threat Solutions and the cumulative global experiences of special operations soldiers’ usage of camouflage,” According to Hoover. “Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!”

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Phil Duke grew up in the Ft. Benning area as part of a military family and has been an avid artist since the age of three. He has over 25 years of experience designing camouflage patterns for both the outdoor and tactical industry. He worked for ten of those years with an industry leading company designing and marketing top-tier camo branded patterns.

In 2009 he founded, Digital Concealment Systems, LLC, DCS a company he created with the single purpose of furthering advances in the creation of effective concealment solutions for the Tactical, Military and LE markets with the launch of A-TACS Camo brand and its initial pattern lineup.

Throughout his career he has pioneered many of the advancements in the creation of modern digital concealment patterns. Also one of the first to create a photo-realistic fully-digital camouflage pattern. Today he continues to drive the development of advanced concealment solutions at A-TACS Camo with the development and creation of the new A-TACS “X” line of camouflage patterns.

Clint Hoovers’ Military service includes assignment to the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment as a combat medic. Forward deployed as Task-Force medic with Operation BAT (Bahamas, Turks and Caicos), a joint US Army/ US Drug Enforcement Agency Counter-Narcotic Interdiction unit.

Successfully graduating from the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (awarded the Green Beret) as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Deploying to twenty-two countries in Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and operations in the Middle East. He worked directly with Foreign Government, Military & Law-Enforcement Officials in support of national interests and combat operations.

As the US Army Small Arms Branch Acquisition NCOIC, gave critical insight into the development and integration of materiel efforts for legacy and revolutionary weapon systems. Area of knowledge focused on all the US Army current and future inventory of small arms weapons & corresponding ammunition.

Altogether serving 25 years in the United States Army and retiring honorably from active duty in Dec. 2012.

Clint is Co-Owner and Director of Business Development at Digital Concealment Systems and is the Owner/Operator of a tactical training company (Black Skull Tactical Applications) that caters to Military & Law-Enforcement departments as well as civilian firearms safety and training.

He continues to serve as Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the Southeast region of the United States. Working and training with Law-Enforcement officers, SRT (Special Response Team) and SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams in pistol / carbine theory, and designated rifle employment.

22 Responses to “The Next Generation A-TACS “X” Line of Camo Patterns Released Signaling New Direction for Company”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    “Our focus has historically been on the Special Operations community, this includes JSOC, Tier 1, SOF assets worldwide, further to that, Tactical Law Enforcement, Three Letter Agencies and OGAs”

    Have any of those top level units ever adopted it though? I’ve seen more realtree and desert tiger-stripe in SOFreference pictures than I’ve seen ATACS. Seems like industry posturing from a company unsuccessfully competing with the Mulitcam palette.

    • b_rawrd says:

      Oddly enough, Russian SOF wear the heck out of knockoff ATACS AU & FG in Syria and during training excercises. I can only imagine they’ll progress to bootleg IX also.

      Looks like a very well made pattern nonetheless.

      • Clint says:

        On a couple of point: Yes, A-TACS did take off in the Eastern European region… with foreign SOF units.

        For the first 2-3 years sales of the A-TACS iX were (Restricted sales) and only sold to US companies. We (A-TACS) had to add vetted brand partners to a list of approved buyers. Again, primarily we are supporting US SOF and Allied SOF units with this new line of camouflage. As stated in the release… US SOF is taking a hard look at the camouflage and uniform landscape. Right now, to many allied and non-allied counties look alike. That is why something new and effective is of interest right now. We attend the SOFIC every year to sit in on the meeting to ascertain the direction of USSOCOM.

        Also appreciate the positive comment on your first look at the A-TACS X line.

      • GoBliNuke says:

        Also Russian analog of National Guard is [un]officially and widely using FG pattern in the homeland. It is called “mokh'”, “the moss”.

    • Clint says:

      Keep in mind A-TACS X is new… and is a commercial off the shelf camouflage solution. After 10 years in the market, we have relooked at where we are in use and by whom. We now have direct connections to the SOF community. We have been, and are now in use with the units and dept. mentioned. I know because I have personally placed those items with units. We know that individuals cannot Google everything we are currently involved in with our current brand partners. That being said this release explains our direction. We will continue on that course.. to support the End-user with new and effective in concealment solutions.

      There are going to be follow up releases soon on new products and colaborations.

    • GoBliNuke says:

      AU pattern is widely used in conflict in the South-East regions of Ukraine.

  2. TM says:

    I have always loved Atacs FG. The new patterns look great.

    • Clint says:

      TM we really appreciate the words of support.. Sitting down and taking a good hard look at your company is needed from time to time. Knowing where you want to be…and invision the end-game. We have a solid course of action! We will stay on course.

  3. Joe says:

    I like how the patterns/colorways integrate.

    I’d probably really like the FG-X top over iX bottom (summer) or iX top over AU-X (winter) to introduce countershading, which I feel needs more attention in personal camouflage.

    • Clint says:

      Thanks Joe…. you are correct we agree on the “introduce countershading”.

      appreciate the productive comments.

    • James says:

      Not really tracking on the countershading term. I think mixing patterns povides larger color blocks( a sort of MacroMacropatern if you will) for distances beyond the ideal range for a camo. Prevents the “blobbing out” that you see so often with some patterns.

      • SteveB says:

        Countershading usually involves making the undersides and crevices of an object lighter, and making the top sides and areas that protrude darker. It reduces self shadowing caused by sunlight coming from above. Look at a deer, coyote, etc. and you will notice this in their fur coloration.

        Camouflaging a human is more difficult than a four-legged, due to the upright stance and pronounced inverted V shapes at the junction of the arms and legs to the torso. In order to properly counter shade a person, the under arms, crotch, and inside legs should be lighter. The top of head, shoulders, and knees should be darker than average tone.

        • James says:

          Thanks for the explanation. I’ve noticed the need for that with the front(lighter) and back (darker) as well, because of the way people bend at the waist when trying to lower their silhouette . Should have known it had been observed and named.

  4. SteveB says:

    Congrats Clint, you got a good looking ‘family’ there! I’m glad the FG is a little darker and greener than the early prototype I saw. Can’t wait to try them out. Joe, good point on counter shading…it sure is effective for a lot of four legged critters.

    • SteveB says:

      As a side note, I have found the ‘Adaptive Green’ colored gear produced by Direct Action and Helikon to compliment all Atacs patterns quite well. It’s similar to Ranger Green but a little lighter with more tan.

  5. C. Myngs says:

    So, in the least SOF/tactical statement you’ll hear all day…A-TACS is my favorite camouflage when I go bird watching.

  6. JHP says:

    But why is the chin strap unstrapped?

    • Clint says:

      Lol… I did that on purpose.. just to see who would ask first… Winner, Winner chicken dinner!!!

  7. Luke says:

    Noooooo! guess I’l have to stock up on “Endor-cam” before it disappears.

  8. Peter Macdonald says:

    Identifying the effectiveness of a mixture of two different camouflage systems is a positive step forward. It was a common feature during the latter years of WW2, and maintained in British airborne forces for a long period thereafter, with the combination of Denison smock and plain coloured trousers, such as KD or OG pants.
    Whilst serving alongside the Gebirsjager I noticed the same mix and match principle with Feldgrau and reversible winter warfare snow suits, dependent on such factors as being below or above the snowline, and in areas both wooded and unwooded, as being particularly effective. As does the system developed by these gentlemen. Encouraging.