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TangoDown® Inc is excited to announce the addition of the BG-AK BATTLEGRIP®!

Several years ago, we designed and manufactured the AK rifle grip for an Arizona start-up company.  When they closed-up shop, we received a huge number of requests for the grip, as it was known to be based on our successful BG-16 AR-15 product.

As the creators of the AK grip, we made the decision to join forces with the company that received all of the AK product tooling after the start-up’s demise.

Once again, we are proud to produce the original grip, from the original designers, and from the original molds.

The BG-AK is made of the same durable material as our entire BATTLEGRIP® line and offers similar TD Inc signature features:  comfortable ergonomic design; aggressive non-slip texture; and patented internal storage for essential spare parts or optic batteries.

Fits all true AK-pattern rifles

Made in USA

If you’re attending the upcoming Red October event in Utah October 6th and 7th, stop by the XTech Tactical booth to say hello.

To learn more about the TangoDown® BG-AK grip, visit:

Color Availability:  Black

MSRP:  $24.50

Customer Questions:  [email protected]

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8 Responses to “TangoDown – AK BATTLEGRIP”

  1. rob371 says:

    I’m not in the industry so I would be interested to know how all of the patent stuff works. Seems like xtech was on it, but then Century said they have the rights to US Palm. Now TangoDown is making the grip again. I’m assuming that recently all of US Palms patents went up for grabs or something? Like I said, I’m not in the industry so I’m pretty dumb when it comes to copyright and patent law.

    • BTBW says:

      There were no US PALM US patents (utility or design) on any AK items they sold. Ever.

      They had a trademark and let that lapse. Century grabbed it. That’s the only thing they have, and nothing else. Looks like Century got burned by the US Palm guys claiming they have ‘IP’. But they didn’t design it.

      They had injection molds for the products at one time, but lost them legally for stiffing the molder. Took parts and never paid for them.

      Tango was contracted years ago by US Palm to design and manufacture the AK stuff. US Palm tanked and Tango is selling the AK grip again since they designed it originally. XTech is selling the AK mag again too, after greatly improving it.

      • rob371 says:

        Thanks for the response. I’m learning about trademarks, IP, etc. as I go along. Appreciate the recap.

  2. Blehtastic says:

    Can we just get one post where SSD shows some gangbang meme where a bunch of nobody photoshopped trademarks pile onto US Palm as the dumb blonde girl?

    All you losers commenting in the likes of “I looked up the trademark and couldn’t find one”, “I took a look at the Patent Office’s website”, “I couldn’t find a trade dress copyright patent trademark registration filed in triplicate with instant prison sentence ass rape attached to it.”

    I guess if your drill instructor hadn’t told you that almost killing a fellow recruit in basic was bad you probably did that to, because hey it’s just hazing, you don’t know no better.

    You’re the same types that probably got a hard on when Trump said he’d have you go after the families of terrorists. No problem here killing innocent kids, I mean commander in chief says its all within the ROEs.

    You people make me sick. Innovate your own shit or at least be honest enough to get the hell out of the industry.

    Ethical people don’t need some useless bureaucrat or asshole in a black robe to remind them to be a decent fucking human being.