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UF PRO – Warrior Challenge 2018 videos

During Warrior Challenge 2018, Operators from 11 different units push themselves to the limit in the Annual Border Guards competition held in Latvia. To see them in action and how they did it, watch these two videos.

3 Responses to “UF PRO – Warrior Challenge 2018 videos”

  1. Jeff S says:

    I saw the US flag flying and one shot of the flag on a guy’s shoulder… didn’t see much after that. Are we to assume that Border Patrol’s BORTAC was there?

    • Bobby Denard says:

      I wouldn’t make assumptions. CBP has an SRT that would seem to qualify as “border police.”

      (But yes, BORTAC was my first guess.)

      • Jeff S says:

        If OFO’s SRT was there they’d be crowing about it all over the place… I haven’t seen a blip.

        Cool videos. I’d love to see some other information though.