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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi Climate Glove

Introducing the all new Multi Climate Glove (MCG) from FirstSpear. Built for maximum dexterity and tactile performance using an incredibly soft carbon infused goat skin palm that offers exceptional feedback with a digital texture for enhanced grip. The back of the MCG is built with a premium poly soft shell material that has a perfect amount of stretch with minimal weight making this glove feel like its not even there.

• Maximum Manipulation for Peak Performance Feel of Essential Weapon Controls
• Improved Breathability, Low Water Uptake, and Soft Drying
• Digital Texture Enhances Grip
• Strong and Technically Advanced, Remains Comfortable and Flexible
• Pittards Digital Goatskin Palm, with Premium Polyester Soft Shell back

Now shipping in black and coyote.

6 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi Climate Glove”

  1. Jacob says:

    The sizing chart on their website look as if these gloves run large. Can anyone confirm?

  2. DEM says:

    I am curious how these compare to the dexterity of PIG Alpha gloves, or the general work ability of Mechanix. With the soft shell back, they remind me of the USGI green gloves that made hands feel overly thick when reaching into pockets

  3. Alex says:

    These look nice! Are they compatible with touch screen devices like the PIG Alpha gloves? I’m guessing no, but they don’t seem to say either way.

  4. Airborne_fister says:

    I think these are nice looking but I want something that also has hard knuckles how many times has anyone racked their knuckles or smashed a finger?!?