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FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Base Layer Bottoms

Meet the all new Base Layer Bottoms from FirstSpear’s Advanced Clothing Materials Line (ACM). Featuring three available styles a Boxer Brief, Calf Length, and Full Length. All three are built with FirstSpear’s ACM BASE-100 a super light wool package providing excellent natural moisture wicking properties. All three feature a front facing fly, gusseted crotch and flat seamed technology.

The full length is a traditional full length inseam finished with a low ankle cuff, the Calf Length is cut just below the knee designed to pick up where your boot sock stops reducing clutter under footwear and increasing comfort. The Boxer brief is finished in a traditional boxer brief length. 100% American Made with American Materials, now shipping on first-spear.com


2 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Base Layer Bottoms”

  1. jellydonut says:

    “FirstSpear ACM Base 100 – 38? Wool, 50? Polyester, 12? Modal”

    That’s far too low a wool percentage in my book. Mixed materials are okay when you’re worried about wear and tear, but 100% wool will outperform them any time. Personally I do not bother with mixed material except for socks, where 100% wool socks wear out fast.

    Moisture wicking will suffer and the clothing will stink when the wool percentage is this low, unfortunately.

    • lcpl1066 says:

      It also negates the FR properties of wool. It seems to me that First Spear is getting away from the professional end user and more into 5.11 type lifestyle market. I know sof elements that have had no luck reaching out to first spear to meet gear requirements. Meanwhile it seems anyone with a youtube channel or blog gets sent stuff from First Spear to ‘review’. I guess this is the nature of the industry now: the profits are in making products for social media, not for the men and women that quietly work to keep us safe.