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TNVC New Product TAPS SYNC and TAPS Standard In-Stock

Tactical Night Vision Company, Redlands, CA –

TNVC and Unity Tactical are very happy to announce the launch of TAPS SYNC, as well as the newly upgraded TAPS Standard! TAPS Standard now in-stock and available for order! TAPS SYNC is currently in stock and shipping to dealers.  

For years the industry has struggled with standard pressure switches functionality and modularity. The TAPS and TAPS SYNC have changed the way end-users think of remote device switches. Previously, end-users had to struggle to attach and maintain delicate and finicky pressure switches to their weapons that were poorly designed to be attached to the weapon where the user needed them to activate their devices. The original TAPS broke through these long standing barriers with a user-centric paradigm shift to create a modular and ergonomic remote switch system; a complete one point command and control system for all weapon-mounted force multipliers such as white lights and IR aiming lasers and illuminators.

The TAPS SYNC has added new functionality to the TAPS design, adding one of the most-requested features to the TAPS–simultaneous device activation, allowing both the light and laser to be activated by a patented single button (the other button will still activate one device separately).

The TAPS SYNC comes in 4 variants for customers to choose which configuration best suits their chosen light/laser combo, and comes with one 9” Crane-style lead for devices using the Crane connector (L3Harris ATPIAL, B. E. Meyers MAWL, Steiner DBAL, etc.) and one 9” Surefire-style lead for Surefire weaponlights.

TAPS SYNC also introduces numerous other small improvements and upgrades that have also been integrated into the TAPS Standard as well, including a new and improved Crane-style connector which features a more universally accepted stem that more solidly seats in ports from L3Harris (Insight/EOTech), Steiner, B.E. Meyers, and Wilcox. The outer portion of the connector also features a recess that increases purchase with fingers during removal.

The Surefire style connector has also been improved, with an angled plug that pushes the cable back towards the weapon.  This decreases the overall “footprint” of cable/connector on the back of the light, reducing snag hazards.

The new 9” leads on both the TAPS Standard and TAPS SYNC allow more flexibility for end-users to place the remote switch in their desired location, accommodating a wider range of devices and mounts (Streamlight leads will remain at 7”).

Finally, new hardware interfaces decrease the amount of hardware required for mounting the TAPS and TAPS SYNC to Picatinny rails by removing the threaded sockets previously required for rail-mounted configurations, while the polymer back-plate is now recessed for M-LOK fasteners.

Lifetime warranty.

Introductory Price

TAPS SYNC: $158.00

TAPS: $145.00


One Response to “TNVC New Product TAPS SYNC and TAPS Standard In-Stock”

  1. Lcpl1066 says:

    Seems like a clean yet marginal improvement over the insight dual switch. How many users are requesting simultaneous device activation?