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TNVC and Night Goggles, Inc. To Introduce New Products At 2020 Shot Show Booth #6502

Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, Nevada — January 13, 2020

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) and Night Goggles, Inc. are excited to introduce new never before seen products at the 2020 NSSF SHOT Show at booth #6502. New exclusive products in the thermal, IR, laser and night vision arena will be on display at the TNVC/NGI booth for the first time ever. Stop by booth #6502 to see and test out new products and for a chance to win Night Goggles Nightstalker pro tripod.

NGI will have new technology from Tele Vue available for you to test out. Are you a BetterShot? Win a Night Goggles Nightstalker pro tripod (valued at $500) by showing off your Dry Fire Trigger skills. Tele Vue’s BetterShot was called the “Most Innovative Product” at last year’s NRA Annual Meeting. Stop by booth #6502 between 1:30 – 3:30 PM daily for a chance to win. The winner will be contacted by email after the show.

Also on display at the TNVC booth #6502 are the Safran/Optics1 AN/PAS-29A COTI thermal monoculars. Available for the civilian market, the Clip-on Thermal Imager (COTI) is a MIL-SPEC Fusion system that enhances situational awareness and increases warfighter effectiveness at night. The COTI’s thermal image helps warfighters find threats and targets of interest and gives them a detection capability not found with standalone NVD’s. The NV/thermal fusion allows the user to detect thermal signatures of hidden or camouflaged enemies or animals and through smoke, fog, or other obscuration, as well as in lighting conditions where traditional image intensification alone may struggle. The COTI can be set to Outline, Patrol, or Full Thermal mode and be used with standard IR lasers. It has a built-in compass for navigation and orientation and can be quickly attached and detached from any PVS-14 style, PVS-15, or BNVD (PVS-31)-style system without the use of tools.

TNVC will also feature the new lineup of the Mirkwood RNVG and PVS-14 with Photonis Echo Hybrid Photocathode Gen. 2+ image intensifier tubes – for outdoor enthusiasts from Night Goggles at booth #6502. The PVS-14 has been the trusted work horse and standard-issue night vision optic serving US forces for many years and is a popular choice for Law Enforcement Professionals. PVS-14’s can be mounted on helmets for hands-free use, behind weapon optics, or simply as a handheld device. Night Goggle’s professionally-trained and experienced technicians assemble the NG/PVS-14 according to U.S. Military guide-lines. Come see the new NG/PVS-14 Mirkwood Line of night vision on display.

The NG/PVS-14 Mirkwood Line as well as the AN/PAS-29A COTI will be on display, along with many other exciting new products and announcements for 2020! Stop by to see these products on display as well as a chance to win the Night Goggles Nightstalker pro tripod at the 2020 SHOT Show at TNVC’s booth #6502. For product inquiries, to schedule a meeting during the 2020 NSSF SHOT Show, military, agency, or dealer sales, please contact augee@tnvc.com.

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