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The 3rd Alternative Team Just Announced Revolutionary Service in Tactical Apparel & Gear Sector

“DESIGN YOUR OWN” service has arrived!

Visit and make your dreams come true.

It all started in 1997 when Igors Sitvjenkins joined the Army. He started with designing an innovative layering system for his fellow soldiers. After 15 years as an officer, having worked with NATO groups and cooperated with top military brands from soldier systems sector, he decided to start his own business and look into the design in a more scientific way.

The mix of scientific thinking, military experience and passion resulted in a book called BOOS – “Book of operational sculpturing”, where Igors team established system requirements for all the products they developed. The book became the base for identification and understanding of customer requirements – a unique and innovative approach towards satisfying the customer with most adequate product choices. BOOS also includes details behind the creation of the new multiterrain camouflage pattern called TripleX and has become the base for all products designed and sold by Igors and his partners’ new brand, 3rd Alternative

This year The 3rd Alternative Team announced revolutionary service in tactical apparel & gear sector – “DESIGN YOUR OWN” .Visit and make your dreams come true.

From now on with 3rd Alternative team all Your design wishes, features, elements can be implemented into Your tactical wear/ gear. Free Yourself! You have the alternative and basis to design what You want!

You will design Your product having strong technical background of 3rd Alternative Team and best fabrics available in tactical sector – Cordura® and Polartec®. The team of designer and constructor will make sure Your input stream through the process of creation with the result in product of YOUR DREAMS!

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