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Maxim Defense Introduces M-RAX, New Weapon Accessory Mounting Solution

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

During SOFIC, Maxim Defense offered me a look at a project called M-RAX which is an attachment system for weapon accessories. Then, they updated me on the progress at TRIGRRCON. Today, after some final refinement and patent applications, they launched M-RAX.

Here’s the deal, M-RAX is compatible with M-slots. Yeah, you can figure it out, that means M- LOK slots. If you use M-LOK, you’ll want to take a look at M-RAX for your Picatinny rail sections.

What is nice about MRAX is that they are end-to-end stackable (2-6 length), giving you the option to create seamless, full-length MIL STD 1913 rail sections where you want them.

Additionally, they are easy to install and remove thanks to the spring loaded interface. You just use the supplied hex key to push the spring loaded hardware through the M-slot, twist 90 degrees to engage, release tension and then tighten normally. There’s no adjusting the height of the T-nut in order to get it to engage.

2 • M-Slot (3.145”) / 1.54oz
3 • M-Slot (4.720”) / 2.31oz
4 • M-Slot (6.295”) / 3.09oz
5 • M-Slot (7.870”) / 3.87oz
6 • M-Slot (9.445”) / 4.62oz

M-RAX are made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum and Hard Coat Anodize type 3 Class 2 in Black or FDE.


Triggrcon 18 – New Products from Maxim Defense

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Maxim Defense has been doing some great work for the AR platform in two primary areas, Collapsible Stocks and Handguards. Both of the new products they showed me support this work.


Max-Stax are M-LOK compatible Picatinny rail sections. What makes these different is that they can be stacked against one another, with no wasted rail space. Seen here mounted to Maxim Defense’s Slimline M-LOK Handguards, Max-Star come in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 section bricks.

Next Generation Buffer System


The Next Generation Buffer System Introduces six new buffers, each with the type and Wright engraved on the head.

S1 – 3.30 oz
S2 – 3.90 oz
H1 – 4.35 oz
H2 – 4.65 oz
H3 – 4.90 oz
P – 7.25 oz

Maxim also plans to introduce two more Action Spring (Light and Heavy), offering customers up to 15 Buffer and Spring combinations, to support virtually any AR build.

In the photo you also get a sneak peek of their upcoming Gen 2 SCW stock system. It will include a proprietary Bolt Carrier Group, but it incorporates an anti-tilt feature, although the Buffer itself has the same internal structure as the other Next Generation Buffers.


Pimp Your 416 with Maxim Defense

Monday, June 11th, 2018

I have been remiss in writing about the accessories Maxim Defense has created for the HK416. I first ran across this company at AUSA in 2017. Since their initial products were going straight to the civilian AR market I pay as much attention to them as I should have. Maxim Defense is working very hard to become a serious player in the small arms market. One area they’ve placed emphasis on is the HK416.


You could already mount their collapsible PDW stock to the rifle, but they designed a new rail for the platform called the mDX. Available in 7.25″, 9.25″, and 12.65″ lengths, it incorporates M-LOK slots. The QD slots are on 45 Deg.


Additionally, you’ll note the scoop at the business end. There are short and long scooped models with the longer scoop intended to keep the thumb back away from the really hot bits for those who shoot with the thumb over rail technique.

Finally, Maxim Defense is supposed to be introducing 416 lowers.